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Australia’s Breathtaking Pinnacles

Pinnacle Australia

Despite how arid the region might appear in this photo, the raw material for these picturesque limestone peaks comes courtesy of seashells from an earlier, much more marine-rich era.

Phillip Island At Night

Phillip Island Australia

While this cerulean night sky is reason enough for you to call your travel agent and book a flight down under to Phillip Island, here’s another: at each sunset, tons of tiny penguins march about in what is known as the Penguin Parade.

The Incredible Views From Karst Country

The stunning footage above comes from the lush limestone formations located in Wee Jasper, New South Wales. If your jaw drops, don’t blame us.

The Rosy Waters Of Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier Australia

The pepto bismol pink waters of Australia’s Lake Hillier have captured the interest of scientists and travelers alike throughout the years. While the source of the salt lake’s permanently pink aqua pura is unknown, many speculate that certain types of algae are behind it.

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