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The Great Ocean Road, An Australian Treasure

Great Ocean Road Australis

Winding over 151 miles along Australia’s southeastern coast is the Great Ocean Road. A way to commemorate the infinite legacies of the finite human life, this scenic roadway was built by returned soldiers from World War One and was dedicated to the soldiers whose lives had come to a premature end during the battle.

Australia’s Breathtaking Pinnacles

Pinnacle Australia

Despite how arid the region might appear in this photo, the raw material for these picturesque limestone peaks comes courtesy of seashells from an earlier, much more marine-rich era.

Australia’s Ladylike Island

Lady Musgrave Island Australia

Discovered by Europeans in 1803, the remote island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was named after the wife of an esteemed colonial governor. It remains to be seen whether Lady Musgrave would have enjoyed what the island came to be known for in the late 19th century, though: miners flocked to the tiny island to extract its ample guano deposits.

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