Rio De Janeiro At Night

Beach Of Rio De Janeiro At Night

In spite of the protests sweeping through the soon-to-be Olympics host city, the beach town with a population of 6.3 million people still appears incredibly pristine at night.

Glass Beach’s Bejeweled Shores

Glass Beach Looking Out

Source: Tumblr

Beaches usually conjure up images of roiling waves, vast expanses of sand, and an occasional seagull squawking as it combs the shoreline. Yet traipse over to Glass Beach, one of three beaches in Fort Bragg, California, and that image changes. Here, colorful beds of sea glass blanket the ground, its small, smooth “pebbles” bright as gemstones.

Glass Beach Underwater

Source: Grind TV

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Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur’s Mini Yosemite

Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur

Comprising a little over a thousand acres, the beach above is named after John Pfeiffer, the beach’s cabin dwelling denizen since 1884. In hopes of preserving the bucolic beach, Pfeiffer neglected to sell his land to a Los Angeles developer in 1930 and instead sold 700 acres to the state of California three years later.