A Spectacular Sunset In Crimea

Night In Crimea

Despite the serene landscape depicted above, Crimea is no stranger to conflict. Conquered and contested by everyone from the Greeks in its early days to the USSR in the 20th century, the natural splendor of the autonomous republic does a good job of hiding its bloody history.

The Life Within Dead Horse Point Park

Dead Horse Point Utah

Don’t let its name deceive you. Utah’s Dead Horse Point Park features staggering views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. In fact, the only thing “dead” about the park is its natural horse corral, the geographical feature for which the park got its name.

Isle Of Skye’s Bewitching Fairy Pools

Isle Of Skye Fairy Pools

Located within Glen Brittle, the Isle of Skye’s picturesque cove is home not only to wonderful sights but also to wildlife. It’s normal to see red deer, sheep, swallows and many other fauna frolicking about this northern paradise.

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