A Stunning Storm At Crater Lake

January 18, 2013

Storm Crater Lake

Filling a 2,148 foot deep caldera, Oregon’s Crater Lake is known primarily for its crystal clear waters, deep blue coloring, and its century-old resident, the “Old Man of the Lake.” Though the old man in question isn’t actually a person; rather, it’s a tree trunk that has been bobbing vertically within the lake for over a hundred years.

An Aerial Glimpse Of The Grand Canyon

January 17, 2013
The Grand Canyon From Above

Source: Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/omgnicepicturebro/

There are certain places that leave you awestruck. The Grand Canyon is one of them.

Six Of The World’s Most Magnificent Stained Glass Artwork

January 17, 2013

Sainte Chapelle, France

While many claim that Paris’ must-see cathedral is Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte Chapelle should also be high up on the list. This stunning Medieval Gothic gem was commissioned by Louis IX in 1239, who, in a typical, decadent monarchical fashion, required nothing short of an opulent cathedral to store his vast collection of Christian relics.

Within the highly-vaulted ceilings of the church are fifteen of the world’s finest stained glass windows, all of which depict highly saturated and detailed scenes from the Old and New Testament. These walls weren’t so divine that they were immune to human tampering, though; as a result of the French revolution, one third of the stained glass installations had to be replaced.

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The Lush Waters Of Moraine Lake

January 16, 2013

Moraine Lake Canada Photo

Found within the breathtaking Banff National Park, Canada’s Moraine Lake gets its distinctive, gem-colored water from the nearby glaciers.

A Surreal Sunrise In The Amazon

January 16, 2013

Sunrise Over Amazon Rainforest

While most visit the Amazon rainforest to encounter the 2,000 birds and mammals residing within its 1.4 billion acre borders, the sights from above are just as stellar.

Montana’s Lush Logan Pass

January 15, 2013

Logan Pass, Montana

If you’re searching for the sun, Glacier National Park’s Logan Pass will be your final stop; after all, it’s Going-to-the-sun Road’s highest point.