A Sweet Snow Leopard

October 29, 2012

Snow Leopard

This is certainly something you wouldn’t expect to see when shoveling the driveway.

Shay’s Splendid Run

October 27, 2012
Shay's Run, West Virginia

Source: Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/rajesh_b/7704650470/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Should you seek to experience the natural wonder that is Shays Run, simply make your way to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.

The World’s Most Incredible Hotels

October 26, 2012
World's Most Incredible Hotels Jested Hotel

Source: Blogspot

The World’s Most Incredible Hotels: Hotel Jested

Sitting atop Jested Mountain in the Czech Republic, this unique hotel and restaurant is also a television transmitter. Built to withstand the harsh weather and emphasize the mountain’s silhouette, it has been a major attraction ever since it was built in the late 60′s.

Jested Hotel

Jade Mountain Hotel

Jade Hotel

Source: Travel Hyper

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The Beauty Of The Butterfly Nebula

October 23, 2012

Found in the Scorpius constellation, the Butterfly Nebula (the one featured is NGC6302) is considered one of the most complex structures in space:

Butterfly Nebula Photograph

Annie Sayers’ Suburban Diptych

October 19, 2012

Annie Sayers' Suburban Diptych

One might think that such an understanding of suburban life could only be accrued with age. However, this stunning glimpse into suburbia is brought to us by a senior in college.

A Technicolor Tulip Field

October 19, 2012

A Tulip Farm

Typically considered the symbol of fame and perfect love, the 109 known species of tulips are certainly a sight to behold–especially from above.