Lake Retba’s Rosy Waters

April 17, 2013

Lake Retba Senegal Photograph

If you ever step foot next to this Senegalese gem, you might believe yourself to be in another world. You can thank none other than Mother Nature for that: an algae known as Dunalielia produces a ruby-colored pigment which, upon interacting with the sun, creates the crimson waves that comprise Lake Retba. And due to the lake’s high salt content, people float more easily within its waters, thus adding to its other-worldly appeal.

Cool Video Of Flying Over Lake Retba

Australia’s Ladylike Island

April 16, 2013

Lady Musgrave Island Australia

Discovered by Europeans in 1803, the remote island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was named after the wife of an esteemed colonial governor. It remains to be seen whether Lady Musgrave would have enjoyed what the island came to be known for in the late 19th century, though: miners flocked to the tiny island to extract its ample guano deposits.

Phillip Island At Night

April 14, 2013

Phillip Island Australia

While this cerulean night sky is reason enough for you to call your travel agent and book a flight down under to Phillip Island, here’s another: at each sunset, tons of tiny penguins march about in what is known as the Penguin Parade.

Amazing Images Of Calvin & Hobbes In The Real World

April 13, 2013


What happens when you mix the fantasy and cosmic adventures of Calvin and Hobbes with beautiful photographs? A striking set of images that superimpose Calvin and Hobbes onto the real world. All images via Michael Den Beste of Real Calvin & Hobbes.


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A Magical Tree Tunnel In Sena de Luna, Spain

March 27, 2013

Tree Tunnel Sena De Luna

It might be the case that there are more flowers in this single photo than there are inhabitants of the town in which it was taken. Located in Spain’s Castile and León region, according to a 2004 census the quaint municipality is home to around 450 people.

A Photographic Tour Of Paris

March 19, 2013

Paris France

With scenery like this, it’s hard to imagine how any ex-pat residing within the “City of Lights” could experience a drought of inspiration.