Segovia Stuns In Winter

Segovia Spain

If this 12th century castle looks like something straight out of a movie, that’s because it is–or at least probably. Rumor has it that parts of Segovia’s alcazar served as inspiration for Walt Disney’s own castle in the Magic Kingdom.

The Imperial Kaysersberg, France

Translating in German as the Emperor’s Mountain, Kaysersberg’s illustrious name matches its equally regal wines. Often considered the most beautiful city in the Alsace wine route, Kaysersberg’s wino legacy dates all the…

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Traversing Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga Norway

This guy is taking a much-needed breather. To snap a shot like this, you’ve got to survive a nine-hour trek ascending 900 meters into the Norwegian sky.

Truly Mesmerizing Northern Lights Above The Rocky Mountains

Taken just over a month ago in British Columbia, Toronto-based photographer Richard Gottardo has successfully captured the stunning spread of colors that stretched so leisurely above the Rocky Mountains:

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Three Sisters Springs, Your Next Vacation Destination

Kayaks Manatees Three Sisters Springs Florida

The natural inlet near Florida’s Kings Bay sports some incredibly clear water, which makes it quite easy to spot the springs’ many manatees. The region is such a popular destination for sea cows that these sanctuaries are off limits to humans from November 15th through March 31st. So, spring breakers, make sure to book your hotel for April.

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