The Unperturbed Waters Of Lake Louise

July 7, 2012

Named after an Albertan princess, Canada’s Lake Louise offers visitors emerald water carried into the lake by nearby glaciers:

The Unperturbed Waters Of Lake Louise

Canada’s World-Renowned Butchart Gardens

April 24, 2012

Butchart Gardens

Garnering millions of visitors every year, the construction of British Columbia’s beautiful Butchart Gardens’ was completed in 1921.

A Picturesque Panorama Of Toronto At Night

April 2, 2012

Night In Toronto

Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario can add the word “enchanting” to its laundry list of positive attributes.

The Pristine Waters Of Canada’s Moraine Lake

February 6, 2012

Lake Moraine Photograph

The crystal clear waters of Banff National Park’s Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada are fed primarily by the nearby Fay glacier.

On The River Outside Of Montreal

October 24, 2011

River Outside of Montreal Nature Photograph

The Red River

September 21, 2011

Taken in Sudbury, Ontario, this stunning photograph captures the Red River of Canada:

Red River Photograph

This phenomena is the result of a nearby nickel factory, where the excess iron seeps into the water and produces the deep red color.