Tokyo At Sunset

Tokyo Japan Sunset

After gazing at this photo, you might be tempted to say that Tokyo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Though in saying that, you’d also be objectively wrong. Converted in the 1870s, Tokyo is not a city but rather a prefecture, which is a fancy way of saying that it maintains governmental bodies larger than cities, towns and villages. FYI: Tokyo is the Japanese-dubbed “metropolis” prefecture, whereas other highly-populated places like Kyoto and Osaka are deemed urban prefectures.

Dublin Shines At Night

Dublin At Night

Dublin’s nights are often raucous due to their youthful vibrancy: it’s estimated that approximately half of the Irish capital city’s citizens are under 25 and the area is known for its rich nightlife.

Hong Kong Shines At Night

Hong Kong At Night

Cloaked in all-encompassing darkness, one would hardly be able to tell from this photograph that Hong Kong is one of the most vertical cities in the world.

Milan’s Miraculous Skyline

Milan Italy Skyline

While Milan is best known for the incredible haute couture found within its walls, the views from above its high rises are just as breathtaking.

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