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‘Til Death Do They Part: The Five Most Gruesome Serial Killer Couples

From killing for money to twisted abuse and psychopathy, each of these serial killer couples will make you sick to your stomach.

Serial Killers

As well as being illegal and morally repugnant, committing murder is risky. The chance of getting caught is high enough when only one person does it; adding a second perpetrator only heightens the potential for error, and thus the likelihood of imprisonment.

Since spouses in the United States and Canada can’t be forced to testify against one another, enlisting your betrothed might seem like a smart move, but as these infamous and horrifying serial killer couples show, things can and still do end badly…

Six Rich, Famous People Who Probably Got Away With Rape And Murder

All of these men were accused of heinous crimes, but all — thanks in part to their wealth, fame, and power — got away with it.

Famous Celebrity Acquittals

There is, of course, no shortage of crime and calamity among the rich, famous, and powerful. In fact, there’s probably more than the average — celebrities as varied as Caitlyn Jenner, Laura Bush and Matthew Broderick have been involved with someone else’s death due to tragic accidents, and stars from Robert Downey Jr. to Paris Hilton to Martha Stewart have served time for nonviolent crimes.

But then there’s another group of rich, famous, and powerful people who have been accused of committing violent, horrible crimes that, if true, were certainly not accidental. Worse still are the cases when these people skated free, largely because of their wealth, fame, and power.

From the man who admitted to raping his toddler daughter and served no time, to the man who allegedly paid hundreds of millions to keep his pedophilia under wraps, here are some of the most maddening famous acquittals among the rich and powerful accused of committing truly terrible crimes:

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The Bloody History of Decapitation

Beheading has a long history, and it might have a long future. Find out the who, when, why, where, and how of one of humanity’s worst execution methods.

Beheading Through History

On the morning of February 8, 1587, the condemned sovereign Mary Queen of Scots mounted a public block and was put to death on the orders of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, marking the end of one of history’s most famous disputes. After 18 years of confinement in one fortified house after another, Mary blessed her executioners for “mak[ing] an end to all my troubles,” and even managed to fire off a few one-liners before the sentence was carried out.

That sentence was beheading, and it’s been one of humanity’s favorite execution methods since the first clever caveman figured out how to make troublesome cave neighbors shut up once and for all with the stroke of a sharpened stone.

Now, discover all the grisly ways we’ve been beheading since then…

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China’s Wealthy Are Now Buying “Luxury Bottled Air” For $115 A Jar

China Bottled Air

A woman in China buys bottled air from the British countryside for £80, which is around $150. Image Source: YouTube

Pollution has ruined the air in much of China, and is responsible for 1.6 million deaths each year. Throughout large swaths of the country, simply getting a breath of fresh air has become nearly impossible.

Still, many thought it was crazy when a Canadian company started selling bottled, clean air to China late last year. But now, with a new, more upscale packaged air company on the scene, it’s becoming even more clear exactly how much China’s wealthy are willing to pay — and how much the average Chinese person can’t afford to pay — for just a few gulps of clean air.

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