Micro Sculptures: Great Things Can Come In Small Sizes

Micro Sculptures Collection

Some of Dalton’s most popular pieces Source: Original Paints

If we take a look at art throughout history, it becomes quite clear that cultures around the world have associated size with value. A giant block of stone enters the studio of a talented sculptor and emerges, almost as if by magic, as a larger-than-life testament to the human form. A painter stares at his subject, and with a certain combination of small brush strokes creates a portrait so imposingly grandiose that it can only be hung in a cathedral or palace.

While floor-to-ceiling frescos and sculptures are diminishing in terms of popularity, one constant remains: as a matter of survival, artists are always looking to innovate. One of the most impressive recent trends in art is microsculpting, a practice where artists create incredibly small works of art that are sometimes invisible to the naked eye.

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21 Prince Philip Quotes That Are Painfully Politically Incorrect

Prince Philip Quotes

Source: Toovia

Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 67 years, making him the longest-serving spouse to a monarch in British history. During all of that time, Philip has built a reputation of repeatedly putting his foot in his mouth when he speaks in public. Usually, it’s something semi-racist or offensive that we would have expected from a Victorian royal 150 years ago. So in a way, one could argue that the geriatric prince is simply maintaining tradition. Here are some of Philip’s best, most cringe-worthy one liners:

Want to hear the man say the seemingly unsayable for himself? Check out this video:

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