The 20 Most Decadent Costumes Of The Miss Universe Pageant

December 26, 2013

You’d never guess it given its present day opulence, but the Miss Universe Pageant actually came from rather humble beginnings. Once a simple 1950s swimsuit contest in California, the larger than life Miss Universe event has evolved into a spectacular worldwide institution, most notable in its costume contest.

A clear nod to Optimus Prime in her costume choice, the Internet welcomed this year’s American contender, Erin Brady, with open arms. The very designers who create the many glitzy ensembles for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show crafted Brady’s futuristic study on decadence. Of all the lively designs on display during the contest, the following Miss Universe costumes definitely take the word intricate to a whole new level.

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Debunking Common Holiday Myths

December 24, 2013

Good news! Poinsettias aren’t actually poisonous. Bad news: there’s no cure for your spiked eggnog hangover. Watch as all of our holiday-related myths crumble before your eyes.

The Five Most Interesting Wedding Traditions From Around The World

December 22, 2013

Interesting Wedding Traditions: Cupid’s Arrows

Interesting Wedding Traditions Yugur Celebration

Source: Xinhua Net

While the shooting of Cupid’s arrows, a woman riding a white stallion, and a battle between families might conjure images of a Harlequin romance gone awry, in reality those events are little more than the traditional wedding ceremony of the Yugur people. Residing in China’s Gansu province, the Yugur ethnic group puts most Western wedding ceremonies to shame in terms of time and grandeur. Yugur wedding ceremonies typically last for over 48 hours, wherein all of the aforementioned customs take place.

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The 5 Most Interesting Parades In The World

December 20, 2013

Day Of The Dead

Interesting Parades: Día de los Muertos

Traced back to an ancient Aztec ceremony to worship the god of the underworld and the afterlife, Día de los Muertos (the day of the dead) has developed into a three-day celebration in Mexico. Typically beginning on Halloween, many use Día de los Muertos as a way to pray and provide offerings for deceased relatives and friends.

More fascinating, however, is the way that participants worship the dead. Evident in the pictures above and below, participants do their best to look like the dead by donning makeup to resemble skeletons while also sporting other traditional symbols of the afterlife.

Day Of The Dead Make Up

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The 10 Most Surprising Stress Effects

December 18, 2013

Source: Under 30 CEO

Life is stressful. Whether it’s a divorce, a high-profile job or studying for a history exam, anxiety always finds a way to creep into our lives. As bad as stress is on its own, medical professionals continue to uncover more ways that stress, particularly chronic stress, can impact our bodies and our lives. Read on to discover the most surprising way stress could be affecting your life.

Stress Effects No. 1: Memory Loss

Have you noticed that you are often more forgetful while stressed? Researchers have found that stress has a negative effect on cognitive functions, resulting in reduced concentration and memory loss. For many, a lack of concentration greatly reduces productivity at work and can have incredibly frustrating consequences.

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Santa Portraits: St. Nick Makes A Cameo In Classic Works Of Art

December 17, 2013

Santa Portraits Botticelli

While the rotund man in red only comes around once a year, there’s no reason he can’t permanently ensconce himself in timeless works of art. Equally parts entertaining and informative, photographer Ed Wheeler’s “Santa Classics” provides viewers with an insight into St. Nick’s hobbies and pastimes outside of squeezing into small spaces.

Wheeler, who has been in the field for 35 years, began his series of humorous Santa self-portraits several years ago, only deciding to up the ante to include classic works of art relatively recently. The move worked out well for him: this October, the Philadelphia Museum of Art decided to publish Wheeler’s series as Christmas cards.

From hanging colored lights to the dreamlike footbridges of Giverny, to rubbing elbows with Moulin Rouge courtesans, Santa’s got more up his sleeve than presents. Be sure to visit Wheeler’s website for more glimpses into the life of Santa Claus, art aficionado.

Santa Portraits Leutze

Santa Portraits Magritte

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