Kumi Yamashita’s Complex And Brilliant Shadow Art Will Amaze You

Alphabet Shadow

Source: Daitd

Kumi Yamashita is a sculptor of magic, building an invisible bridge between the material and immaterial, and often creating interesting juxtapositions along the way. In her series -simply but aptly titled “Light and Shadow”- Yamashita uses a single light source and myriad specifically placed everyday objects to attain the desired silhouette.

Shadow Art Exclamation

Source: Daitd

The art is full of astute presentations; a head filled with letters, an exclamation that slyly morphs into a question, a shadow couple seeking shelter from the elements under a cloud-shaped piece of cut aluminum, the same cloud that calls this couple’s physical forms into existence. With great attention paid to fine details, her works are technically complex and precise, and yet they remain deeply human.

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20 Strange Candies We Dare You To Eat

At some point, we’ve all looked at the candy at the grocery checkout line and wondered, “Who on Earth came up with that idea?” (We’re looking at you, Baby Bottle Pops.) While many of us have definitely seen some oddities, nothing could prepare us for the candy selection the rest of this world has to offer. From the gimmicky to the gross to the just plain weird -there’s a candy out to satiate your needs. Even the need to eat your uncle’s ashes? You bet. C’mon kids; we’re going to the candy store.

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Strange Candies Zotter Soap

Everybody praises chocolate for its silky decadence, but would you still want some Zotter brand even after we tell you that it has pigs’ blood as an ingredient? Source: The Line Of Best Fit

Strange Candies Caramels

Being Genghis Khan is hard work. Luckily these Japanese (of course!) smoked lamb flavored caramels will give you enough energy to keep pillaging. Source: I'm Made Of Sugar

Strange Candies Man Chocolate

There are a lot of unnecessarily gendered items on the market. Shampoo for MEN, tea for MEN, the list goes on and on. However, Japanese-favorite Pocky for MEN takes the cake. The MAN cake. Source: First Food

Strange Candies Urn Ash

Remember that ash-eating fantasy we mentioned earlier? Here's the product that meets those needs. Essentially, it’s a test tube of edible ashes. Psychiatric help not included. Source: The Crazy Candy Shoppe

Strange Candies Pickle Candy Canes

Play a nasty trick on your friends this Christmas and give them these pickle-flavored candy canes. Be sure to tell them it is mint-flavored for the full effect. Source: Accoutrements

Strange Candies Kitten Tongues

Usually you can give somebody kittens and chocolate and they'll fall in love with you. Except if you give them these kitten tongue-shaped chocolates from Prague. Don't do that. Source: Nestle

Strange Candies Grillz

Tired of your homeboys picking on you because you're the only one without a ridiculous grill? Fret no more, because now you can have the satisfaction of having a grill and eating candy at the same time. Source: Obsessive Sweets

Strange Candies Chocolate Scrabble

If there’s anything that “Words with Friends” taught us, it’s that people really love word games. Common knowledge tells us that people also really love chocolate. The US has finally made a product from that combines the best of both worlds. Best not play this in the summer, though. Source: Game Bugle

Strange Candies Rice Candy

Japanese Botan Rice Candy may not seem all that strange, but the wrapper is made of rice paper, making it edible. Although it should be noted that any wrapper is edible if you believe enough in yourself. (We do not endorse wrapper eating. Please do not eat inedible wrappers and sue us.) Source: World Market

Strange Candies Lollypop Dice

The quest to find this lollipop is actually easier than one might have thought. All you have to do is beat a lv. 75 dragon. Source: Candy Warehouse

Strange Candies Thanksgiving

Just don't have time for Thanksgiving this year? These handy little gumdrops have you covered. Source: Wordpress

Gravy Candy

Wash down those Thanksgiving gumdrops with this candy gravy. We fully trust the flavor combo is the best you'll ever experience. Source: Huffington Post

Strange Candies Disappointments

Having fresh breath is always important, especially if the mints you use come from a tin with the president’s face on it. Barack is making sure you don't have to say, "I'm O-bama-self because my breath is terrible, just like the economy. Source: Gadgets And Gear

Strange Candies Narwhal

You won’t learn this in the Museum of Natural History, but narwhals are such magical creatures that their horns taste like arctic mint! Be sure to consume these if you want to claim their magical powers for your own. Source: Accoutrements

Strange Candies Milk

Remember when you were a kid and you thought you could make ice cream by freezing milk? Let's hope that these Japanese candies taste better than that experiment ever did. Source: Amazon

Strange Candies M Berry

These are actually palette changer tablets, meaning that if you eat one, everything you eat afterwards changes taste. Made from a berry native to West Africa, this candy is perfect if you want life’s disappointments to taste just a bit sweeter. Source: Novelty Street

Strange Candies Gummy Bacon

Sometimes our nation's obsession with bacon seems ridiculous. Then we look back on these, and realize that we were right the whole time. Source: Accoutrements

Strange Candies X Ray Fish

Gummy candy seems to come in all sorts of varieties and shapes. However, nobody could've guessed that one of those kinds would be the innards of a fish. Bon appetit! Source: Candy Nation

Strange Candies Turkish

This Turkish candy puts Hot Tamales to shame. What better way to enjoy your candy than to have it literally burn your mouth? (This candy has actually left burns. Eat at your own risk.) Source: City Market

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5 Really Weird Things We’ve Sent Into Space

Space exploration is one of our most ambitious yet most expensive endeavors. This should go without saying, but it costs a lot to send something into space. That is why every payload carried aboard shuttles is monitored carefully. However, some of these payloads have contained a lot more than the bare essentials. As you are about to see, we have sent a lot of wacky stuff into space.


Space Tardigrade

Cuter and tougher than you will ever be Source: So Faking News

Out of all the animals that have been to space, tardigrades are definitely the coolest. These teeny-tiny microscopic critters are the Toyota Hilux of the animal world – they can withstand just about anything. This places them in a category known as extremophiles – organisms that can thrive in harsh environments.

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You Must Watch These Top 6 Viral Videos From July

Viral Videos from July

Source: iePlexus

Everyone loves a good viral video–especially when the summer heat gets so unbearable that you practically have to stay inside to avoid becoming a puddle. To make sure that you never miss out on the funniest, most inspiring videos on the web, we’ve complied the top six viral videos from July. Watch them all, and then share your favorites with your friends!

DTAC’s Heartwarming Thai Commercial

Warning: DTAC’s new Thai commercial may prompt all the happy tears and warm fuzzies. We won’t spoil the story, but if you haven’t seen the “Technology will never replace love” advertisement, we highly recommend you take a second to watch it now. Just keep a box of Kleenex handy!

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