When Pop Culture Does Religion: 5 Strange Examples

All religions utilize a foundation myth to help form the basis of their beliefs. Given the fact that they are indeed myths, the literal truth of these events is of minimal importance when it comes to determining a given religion’s legitimacy.

Thus, while the five religions based on pieces of pop culture below might seem quite silly on the surface, they beg the question: What makes us take religion so seriously in the first place?

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Life Inside The Most Remote Human Settlement On Earth

Tristan Da Cunha Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas

Brian Gratwicke/FlickrTristan da Cunha island, home of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the most remote settlement on Earth.

TRAVELING THROUGH THE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS EXPANSE that is the South Atlantic Ocean — 1,200 miles from the nearest inhabited island and 1,500 from the nearest continental land, South Africa — you’ll eventually come upon the crest of a small volcanic island.

Its emerald green landscape will be speckled by an assortment of homes and buildings, adding an unexpected drop of civilization to its otherwise lonely surroundings.

The island is Tristan da Cunha, and the community is Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, a testament to humanity’s resilience and survivability, and the most remote settlement on Earth:

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How Left-Handedness Came To Be Seen As Evil

How did left-handedness transform from a symptom of mental and moral deficiency to a sign of creativity and mental fortitude?

Left Handed_writing_with_wristwatch

Wikimedia Commons

When Michael Salazar wrote that his “fourth grade teacher would force me to use my right hand to perform all of my school work” and that “if she caught me using my left hand, I was hit in the head with a dictionary,” he described more than just an encounter with a violent instructor; he illustrated the physical consequences of centuries of religious, scientific, and social thought.

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