How Macarons Are Made

The macaron is without a doubt the trendiest cookie on the Internet: it comes in cute colors and flavors, and its petite, symmetrical shape renders the cookie very aesthetically pleasing.

What’s surprisingly as pleasing as biting into the cookie, though, is watching this video–produced by Maxim Dianov for Mon Bon Macaron–on how the Beyoncé of cookies is actually made. Unlike the macaron, though, watching this video won’t make you fat. Bon appétit !

The Ghostly Remains Of Bodie, California

Bodie California

Source: Alex Browne

Tucked just east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County, California is a sprinkling of empty, wood-paneled buildings that once composed the town of Bodie.

In the late 19th century, miners discovered astonishing quantities of gold ore within the area. Soon, people around the world traveled en masse to the site, extracting nearly 10,000 tons of ore from the mines.

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Better Know A Pope: Clement V

The story of Pope Clement V really begins with his patron, Philip IV (the Fair) of France. Philip spent the first 20 years of his reign, during the late 13th century, overspending on war with the English and court finery back at home. By the early 1300s, his treasury was in trouble and some solution needed to be found. Pope Boniface VIII even condemned Philip for being reckless with money.

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