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Photo Of The Day: What’s Inside The Time Capsule Of Humanity We Made For Aliens

Voyager Golden Record

The Golden Record was launched into space on board the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The information contained is a mini time capsule of humanity as of 1977. Image Source: Wikipedia

What would you tell the universe about humanity if you had the chance? This is essentially the question that was answered when NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977 to feed information about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune back to Earth. Scientists knew that Jupiter’s gravity would give the spacecrafts enough velocity to leave the orbit of the sun and enter into the greater Milky Way, eternally drifting further and further from our solar system.

In case these spacecrafts ever made contact with aliens (with the capability to use human technology, understand human language, and read the written word), each Voyager had an 8-track tape memory system, computers (with less processing power than a smartphone) and a copper phonograph LP that became known as the “Golden Record”, featuring a collection of images and sounds.

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Failed Products: Adult Baby Food, Purple Ketchup, And Other Fabulous Flops

Failed Products Ayds

Image Source:

Tucked away in Ann Arbor, Michigan is NewProductWorks (NPW). Affiliated with global market research consultants GfK, NPW has a stock of about 120,000 different products across 350 categories. There is just about one of everything crammed onto the shelves. For this reason, companies and individuals looking to create and market a new product will pay a hefty sum to visit, explore, and study the products that succeeded–and those that didn’t. NPW has been given the nickname “the Museum of Failed Products,” and considering that, depending on the industry, as much as 50% of new products fail, that nickname is dead-on.

GfK Executive Vice President of Market Opportunities and Innovation Elliot Rossen told CBS News that when people design a new product, they are asking themselves, “How can we change the world? How can we change people’s lives and the way people work?” However, sometimes, the world was not looking for that particular change.

These eight astounding fiascos top the list of failed products:

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Video Of The Day: Jetpacking Around The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty just got a view of what the world of tomorrow–complete with people flying around in jetpacks–might look like. And it looks way better than the Jetsons ever imagined.

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