Charles Manson Facts That Demystify The Monster

These lesser known Charles Manson facts help us understand more about the pathology of one of America’s most gruesome figures.

Manson Young Old

Charles Manson as young boy and in prison. Image Source: YouTube

The Manson Murders have gone down in infamy as some of the most horrific acts ever to take place. However, there are details about Charles Manson, the mastermind behind these grisly crimes, that have gone widely unnoticed by the public. These bits and pieces of his life help fill out the picture of we have of Manson, and perhaps even add to our understanding of why the murders were committed…

Photo Of The Day: Vintage NASA Diagram Shows How To Accessorize Like An Apollo Astronaut

Space Suit Diagram

The accessories for the space suits used from Apollo 11 through Apollo 17. Image Source: NASA

Space suits are our modern-day suits of armor, the only things protecting the fragile human body from the vast blackness of outer space itself. Given their enormous importance, movies love to portray space suits as fitted, mobile, and relatively simple and easy to operate. But, as this vintage space suit diagram reveals, we only think we know what being inside a space suit entails.

The accessories above came standard on the space suits used for Apollo 11 through Apollo 17. According to NASA, all of the items pictured were attached “to enable the astronaut to perform functions without heavy reliance on the Command or Lunar module for supplies.”

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See The 13-Foot-Long Mystery Sea Creature That Just Washed Up In Mexico

Mystery Sea Creature

This mystery sea creature was recently found on the beaches of southwest Mexico. Image Source: Yahoo News

We just don’t — and, more to the point, can’t — know every single thing that lurks in the depths of the sea, which perhaps explains our eternal fascination with it. Each time we’d like to think that we’ve catalogued all the world’s bizarre ocean animals, some new mystery sea creature washes ashore and reminds us how little we truly know — like this one:

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The Ken Doll Is Going The Way Of The Barbie: Realistic

New Ken Doll

A standard Ken doll (left) compared with Boy Lammily, a new Ken doll alternative. Image Source: Lammily

Praise for the “dad bod” swept the Internet last year (and, according to one writer, is actually the body type that women prefer), and now it seems to have hit the toy market — specifically, Barbie’s beau, Ken.

Dubbed Boy Lammily, the comparatively less-chiseled doll has the proportions of what artist Nickolay Lamm says is average for a 19-year-old: “typical but not muscular.” Prototypes and images are ready to make Boy Lammily a reality. The artist is just waiting on his crowdfunding campaign to reach its $70,000 goal before going into production.

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