The 3 Worst Jobs In The World

March 18, 2014

It’s a tough market out there for the job seeker. Few places are hiring, and the ones that are usually don’t pay what we’d like. The general consensus is that if you’re lucky enough to have a job, well, you’re lucky enough. For all of that, people still complain about their work every day. In fact, it’s probably the first thing you do when you get home in the evening. If you’re feeling down on your chosen career path, or if you’re just looking for a little pick-me-up by way of negative object lesson, here are the three worst jobs people are doing right now. And yes, they’re hiring.

Worst Jobs: Personal Assistant

Worst Jobs Personal Assistant

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Chineasy, Breaking Down The Great Wall Of Language

March 16, 2014

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Whether we’re on vacation or venturing to far flung islands in search of adventure and cultural enlightenment, language barriers can put more of a damper on a trip than inclement weather. To many who use Latin-based alphabets in their daily linguistic exchanges, the Chinese language often presents itself as a formidable challenge. Recognizing that, one pioneering London-based language teacher is attempting to, as she puts it, break down the great wall of language that divides the East and West.


Source: Chineasy


Source: Chineasy

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The Science Of Spiciness

March 15, 2014

Rose Eveleth explains the history and science behind spicy foods, and why Sriracha sauce is heaven for some and gustatory hell for others.

7 Strange Shrines Around The World

March 13, 2014
Strange Shrines Boll Weevil Sky

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Strange Shrines: Boll Weevil Monument

At the very heart of Enterprise, Ala., a tiny town whose fringes are lined with cotton fields, stands a Grecian woman reaching her Victorian-appareled arms up to the sky. On top of that is a beetle of sci-fi proportions. The 13 feet tall Boll Weevil Monument has stood over Enterprise for nearly 100 years as a testament to the transformative powers of creative destruction. While the agricultural pest wreaked havoc on the lives of cotton reapers, the boll weevil’s presence ultimately led to the development of the state’s profitable peanut crop when farmers were forced to diversify. The Italian-made statue of the woman stood for some 30 years before someone came up with the idea of topping it off with the oversize insect, making the sculpture prime real estate for vandals. The original is now protected with a replica standing in its place in the town square.

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3 Places You Don’t Ever Want To Visit

March 13, 2014
Three Places Centralia Abandoned

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The world is full of exciting and exotic vacation getaways. Big skies, vast expanses, and vistas that will take your breath away if you’re ever lucky enough to see them firsthand. And then there are places you’d sell your watch to get out of. Some areas on Earth are so awful, so inhospitable to human life, that you’d swear they’re the result of a half-finished effort at terraforming by alien life forms. Some of the places on this list have been awful since the beginning of time, while others started out okay only to be ruined by human activity over the years. Whatever the reason, here are three places you’d have to be crazy to visit.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Three Places Centralia Fire

Three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths—wait, two baths. One and a half… Source: Sopianae

You know how some real estate is so cheap, you jokingly ask the realtor if it’s on fire? In Centralia, Pennsylvania, the answer to that question is invariably “yes.”

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Romain Laurent’s Bizarre And Bewitching GIFs

March 9, 2014

GIFs have become the internet’s prime currency. Once you comb through the innumerable viral videos and run the flash mob circuit, you might just discover Romain Laurent’s bizarre GIFs tucked away behind the couch.

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