John Dillinger: The Making Of A Rock Star Bank Robber

John Dillinger Smirk

Evolution of Dillinger’s trademark smirk: Dillinger as a teen with his father on the left, and on the right in what is perhaps his most famous mug shot Sources: Wikipedia and Blogspot

July 22 was the 80th anniversary of John Dillinger’s violent death. During the Great Depression, due to his many bank robberies and escapes from prison, he became the burgeoning FBI’s Public Enemy #1.

Dillinger entered the crime world early on in his life. To impress a girl on a date, a young John Dillinger stole a car. When he was caught and the policeman didn’t believe his vague answers, Dillinger ran. Knowing it wouldn’t be safe to return home, he joined the Navy. Being an outlaw at heart–he soon went AWOL for good.

John Dillinger Navy

John Dillinger, far left, with some Navy buddies Source: Google

That didn’t last too long, though. Dillinger deserted the vessel some months after joining, and was eventually dishonorably discharged from the Navy. He then went back home to Mooresville, Indiana, where he then met a sixteen-year-old girl named Beryl Hovious. He married her in April 1924.

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The Lifecycle Of A Queen (Bumble) Bee

First off, we’re talking about this kind of Queen Bee:

Bumblebee Facts Queen Bee


Not this kind:

Bumblebee Facts Regina George

Source: Glamour

But when you get right down to it, they’re pretty similar. Both have striking features, they’re known to fight lesser creatures who threaten their social status, and they’re both bad bitches. Nobody ever said life on top was easy.

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Kumi Yamashita’s Complex And Brilliant Shadow Art Will Amaze You

Alphabet Shadow

Source: Daitd

Kumi Yamashita is a sculptor of magic, building an invisible bridge between the material and immaterial, and often creating interesting juxtapositions along the way. In her series -simply but aptly titled “Light and Shadow”- Yamashita uses a single light source and myriad specifically placed everyday objects to attain the desired silhouette.

Shadow Art Exclamation

Source: Daitd

The art is full of astute presentations; a head filled with letters, an exclamation that slyly morphs into a question, a shadow couple seeking shelter from the elements under a cloud-shaped piece of cut aluminum, the same cloud that calls this couple’s physical forms into existence. With great attention paid to fine details, her works are technically complex and precise, and yet they remain deeply human.

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