What We Love This Week, Volume LXVII

Remembering Maya Angelou

The world’s greatest writers are never just that. Using the written word as their shovel, they dig deep into the most devastating and dazzling facets of our humanity and present their findings–namely, truth–in their most organic and compelling forms. Such is the case with poet, activist and philosopher Maya Angelou, who left this physical Earth on Wednesday. Throughout her 86 years, Angelou was exposed–and often victim–to a culture in violent flux. Wringing out sorrow, grief and hope in each of her works, Angelou’s words have presented themselves as a bedrock of inspiration and strength against a world that has shown over and over again just how fragile it really is. To commemorate such a force of nature, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Maya Angelou quotes and speeches and highly encourage you to check them out.

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A “Dazzling” Dreadnought Circa 1919

Dreadnought Camouflage

Source: Reddit

Commonplace throughout the early 20th century, the battleship featured here is decked out in dazzling camouflage. With bold zig zags, the paint job is far from discrete — but that is precisely the point. From far away, the lines made it nearly impossible to estimate a target’s range, speed and the direction in which the battleship was heading.

Look Into Your Favorite Photographers’ Bags With ShotKit

Shotkit Rico

Source: ShotKit

Have a favorite photographer and want to know just what goodies they have rolled up their sleeve to make their work so unique? ShotKit is the site for you. A delight to photography enthusiasts around the world, ShotKit offers glimpses into the bags of your favorite (or soon to be favorite!) photographers so you can see just what exactly helps make their work so distinct. With every peek we take and anecdote we read, we can feel our photographical fluency improve. And hey, that’s pretty cool. Have a taste of what ShotKit has to offer below, but be sure to visit their website for more glimpses into a creative’s survival kit.

Shotkit Forte Gear

Source: ShotKit

Shotkit Schude Gear

Source: ShotKit

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Ridiculous Beliefs Of The World’s Most Acclaimed Thinkers

Ridiculous Beliefs Pythagoras Writing

Source: Zen Shaman

Ridiculous Beliefs: Pythagoras

Pythagoras is a world-renowned mathematician credited with coming up with the Pythagorean Theorem. This theorem forms the crux of trigonometry and, as any half decent geometry student should know, posits that the square of a right triangle’s hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides. As one might glean, Pythagoras was heavily invested in explaining natural phenomena mathematically, and is credited for discoveries in music, astronomy and medicine.

Not content to confine his thoughts to the material world, Pythagoras often dabbled in the divine. Reasonably enough, Pythagoras believed in the reincarnation of souls and advocated vegetarianism and pacifism, but beneath that lurked some rather odd beliefs. For example, Pythagoras believed that beans were made from the same material as humans and should not be consumed.

He also sanctioned that you must smooth out all bodily indents on your bed/pillow; you cannot step over a crossbar, allow swallows to nest under the roof or walk on highways. Pythagoras’ religion, Pythagoreanism, had an established following – a secret brotherhood – that pursued the practices of their master, and he appears in religious or priestly guises across Greece.

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