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7 Bizarre Cultural Practices

Some taboo, some cringe-worthy, some confronting, and all rather bizarre – here are seven cultural practices from around the world that raise plenty of eyebrows and interest. Bizarre Cultural Practices: Finger Cutting…

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Uniting Russia and The United States Through Rail

US Russia Trains 1

US Russia Trains 2

Making use of the very strait that many believe to have allowed for the human migration from Asia to the Americas some 20,000 years ago, various organizations have motioned to unite Russia and the United States via a Bering Strait railroad. The proposed crossing has been dubbed everything from “The Intercontinental Peace Bridge” to the “TKM-World Link” to the “AmerAsian Peace Tunnel”, and in 2007 Russian government officials stated that they would put forth $65 billion to build the tunnel.

However, given the strait’s proximity to the Arctic Circle and its volatile conditions, construction would likely take longer than ideal, and the finished product would deteriorate at a quicker–and therefore more expensive–rate than normal.

The Scariest Things To Come Out Of Russia

Scariest Things From Russia: Dash Camera Recordings

The convergence of regular insurance fraud and traffic police who shake down motorists for bribes has motivated many Russians to equip their cars with dashboard cameras. While they’re intended to help drivers defend themselves against crooked cops and suspicious insurers, these cameras have captured some of the most insane footage that’s ever gone public:

There’s an entire genre of these videos from Russia on YouTube, and each one is a 30-second-long study in white-knuckled terror. What’s more, since the cameras are so widely used, quite a few crashes are caught from multiple angles:

There are also some uniquely Russian incidents caught on tape:

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Namibia’s Mysterious Fairy Circles

Lone Tree Fairy Circles Namibia

Most prominently found in Namibia, fairy circles are natural ‘bald spots’ whose formation is rather contentious. Some think that it’s the work of the sand termite, while others speculate that it is–as you might imagine–the work of aliens.

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “Pulp Fiction”

This might be old news for all of you Tarantino nerds. But for the rest of us, this trivia is pretty fascinating.

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