Iori Tomita’s Technicolored Take On Death

August 24, 2013
Iori Tomita Multiple Fish

Source: Gakuran

Translated as New World Transparent Specimens, in his latest art series Japanese artist Iori Tomita transforms fish and other marine creatures into transparent, eye-popping artwork. Unsurprisingly, his unique talent for converting carcasses into neon art specimens has captured the attention of millions of viewers and fans.

Iori Tomita Biting Fish

Source: Wykop

Iori Tomita Seahorse

Source: Chair Mag

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40 Chillingly Beautiful Abandoned Photographs

August 23, 2013

Looking at abandoned photographs, we are reminded of how quickly paint cracks and peels, and we, too, grow old and fade away. To view an abandoned space is to acknowledge the existential emptiness that defines us and yet drives us to fill it with the company of others, a good book, and a handful of living, breathing memories. In this series of abandoned photographs, time is presented as the ultimate source of authority: it weathers trains, sinks stadiums, and causes castles to crumble. The pictorial message is chilling yet also somewhat liberating; here are 40 of the most evocative abandoned photographs:

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Abandoned Photographs

40 Chillingly Beautiful Abandoned Photographs

Abandoned Buildings

Chilling Abandoned Photographs

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Windmill

Abandoned Roller Coaster

Abandoned Photos

Abandoned Castle




Ship In The Dessert

Abandoned Structures


Empty Places




Desolate Photographs

Haunting Abandoned Photographs

Beautiful Abandoned Photography

Overgrown Buildings

Abandoned City

Abandoned Houses

Abandoned Fortress

Abandoned Temple

The Domino Sugar Factory in Darkness


Abandoned House


Abandoned Hospital

Abandoned Church

Abandoned Tracks




Creepy Abandoned Places

Creepy Trains

Beautiful Abandoned Photos

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A Pair Of Narwhals Tusking

August 21, 2013

Narwhals Tusking

Well-known for its horn-like tusks (which is actually an elongated canine), the narwhal has attracted an understandable amount of attention throughout the centuries. According to Inuit legend, the narwhal received its tusk after a woman was dragged into the water by a narwhal, transformed into one, and thus the tusk–modeled after the woman’s spiraled hair–soon appeared.

The Fascinating History Of Great Britain’s Wishing Trees

August 15, 2013

Most people have tossed a coin into a fountain, or dropped a penny down a wishing well, hoping by some miracle that the act would make their wish come true. In the touristy village of Portmeirion, located in Gwynedd, North Wales, staff noticed some peculiar trees covered with coins. By examining the trees and learning their origin, the employees brought to light information about the traditions and superstition surrounding wishing trees.

Wishing Trees Coins

Source: Geograph

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Six Of The World’s Most Baffling and Bizarre PR Stunts

August 13, 2013

It’s a well known fact that today’s entertainment and advocacy purveyors must think outside the box if they even want the chance of reaching out to–and sustaining the paid interest of–the viral video and flashmob crowd. And as YouTube users’ interests grow more diverse and the dances that much closer to Pluto in terms of being “out there”, so too have various PR campaigns. Here are six of the most bizarre PR stunts to date.

Tropicana’s Bizarre PR Stunts: Orange Juice And Artificial Sunshine

Juice giants Tropicana took London by storm in 2012 with their campaign ‘Brighter Mornings’. On a dismal winter day in January, they raised a giant sun installation over Trafalgar square at 7am, handed out more than 35,000 cartons of juice and set up hundreds of deck chairs. It went viral on YouTube in the same day. Let’s just say there were a few confused and bleary eyed commuters that morning.

Game of Thrones’ Strange Skull-Filled Stunt

Bizarre PR Beach Dragon

Source: The Drum

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Everything You Need To Know About Coffee In One Image

August 11, 2013

Coffee Guide

Now, you too can be a barista!