Four Little-Known Antebellum Slave Uprisings That Helped Bring About The Civil War

From razing New York City to torching Louisiana plantations, these slave revolts paved the way for the Civil War, and the eventual abolition of slavery.

Failed Slave Revolts

Scenes from Nat Turner’s 1831 Rebellion — this rebellion is well known, but many preceded it. Image Source: Library of Congress

Over 300 years ago, a group of black slaves staged an uprising in New York City. The amount of insurrectionists is unclear, but on April 6, 1712, they set fire to a building on Maiden Lane, near Broadway. When the white colonists came to put out the fire, the insurrectionists attacked them, killing nine and injuring eight.

The rebellion resulted in the arrest of 70 blacks, and the trial of 43. 14 were (surprisingly, for the time) acquitted, whereas 20 were hanged, and three were burned at the stake.

The results of the rebellion point to failure, but that didn’t stop other groups of black slaves from attempting insurrections of their own. Here are four memorable examples.

Morphine, Santa Claus, And Nazis: The Secret History Of Coca-Cola

From morphine to Santa Claus to Nazis, this Coca-Cola history lesson will reveal how one sugary drink created the America we know today.

Coca Cola History

Afghan refugee children stand in front of a Coca-Cola sign in northwest Pakistan. Image Source: HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images

On the evening of April 16, 1865, Union and Confederate cavalry clashed over a bridge in Columbus, Georgia, in what was arguably the last battle of the U. S. Civil War. During the fight, a Confederate colonel named John Pemberton took a slashing saber wound to the chest and had to be carried away from the fight.

Believe it or not, this set of facts is the basis for why, today, you clip coupons before a shopping trip, why every vertical surface in the world is plastered with advertisements, and why children believe in Santa Claus.

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Three Times Donald Trump Made Millions By Screwing Over Hundreds Of People

Though he carries himself like a master businessman, Donald Trump’s real estate business has left a trail of debt and destruction from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Baja, Mexico.

Donald Trump Finger

Image Source: YouTube

While it’s been widely reported, still too few realize that Donald Trump doesn’t own nearly 40 percent of the 62 buildings that have his name on them. That long, impressive real estate portfolio on his website? Many of those are “Trump” in name only.

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