The Coolest Sharks In The World

September 6, 2013

Sharks are equal parts terrifying, mysterious and incredible. With around 400 shark species existing in the world today, each has its own aesthetic, hunting techniques and temperament. Here are seven of the world’s coolest shark species:

Whale Shark

Coolest Sharks Whale Shark Mouth

Source: About Utila

Growing to more than 40 feet in length, whale sharks are the largest fish species in the world. Despite their size, whale sharks prefer to feed on plankton, not people. Whale sharks also catch small fish and other animals by swimming with their mouth wide open. In a mechanism called “cross-flow filtration,” the shark uses its jaws to filter what enters into its mouth.

Coolest Sharks Whale Shark

Source: Conservation

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Jumping Spiders Wearing Fantastic Water Hats

September 4, 2013
Jumping Spiders Water Drops

Source: Daily Mail

Hailing from Batam Island, Indonesia, photographer Uda Dennie recently grabbed worldwide attention when his jumping spider photos hit the web. The photographs, which were snapped in Dennie’s garden, spread like wildfire, due to the curious, colorful shots of the spiders wearing water droplets on their heads. These adventurous arachnids are known to “pose” for pictures by turning their bodies to face the photographer.

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Butterfly

Source: Demilked

Jumping Spiders Water Drops Red

Source: Imgur

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Five Of The World’s Most Bizarre Protest Movements

September 2, 2013
Bizarre Protests Alice Newstead Hanging

Source: Zimbio

For centuries, people have used protesting as an inclusive, grassroots way to bring about change. While protests can vary from non-violent to ferocious and small-scale to a million-member march, each has a specific goal it seeks to achieve. Here are some of the most bizarre protests methods to date:

Bizarre Protest Movement No. 1: Performer Protests Shark Finning

To protest shark finning, or removing a shark’s fin (used in delicacies like fin soup) and discarding the now-handicapped shark into the water to die, British performing artist Alice Newstead decided to pierce her skin with fishing hooks and hang by the hooks in a busy shopping area.

Bizarre Protests Shark Fin

Source: All Pet News

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Important Facts For Sushi Lovers–And Newbies

September 1, 2013

Sushi Facts Infographic

From I Love Coffee comes a wonderful infographic on how to properly enjoy a meal of sushi. Who knew?

The Chilling Images In Christian Patterson’s “Redheaded Peckerwood”

August 31, 2013

Chronicling the bloody chain of events surrounding 1950’s teen serial-killing duo Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate, Christian Patterson’s “Redheaded Peckerwood” has proven so popular that the first edition sold out soon after its publication, leaving many photo book lovers eagerly anticipating the release of the third edition earlier this year–along with a few additional macabre goodies. The book, whose strange title is actually Starkweather’s childhood nickname, reveals only bits and pieces of the crime spree timeline within its pages, ultimately inundating the reader with the forensic, mysterious and the grim.

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Incredible Footage Of One Of The World’s Last Uncontacted Tribes

August 26, 2013

Like most things these days, one image on a certain event can inspire more action and intrigue than a few hundred words. Case in point: the few remaining uncontacted tribes within the Amazon rainforest. In an effort to protect these tribes from encroachments upon the rainforest’s natural resources, one public employee takes to the tree tops to document these natives’ existence–and value–to Brazilian officials. The line may be blurred between inquiry and exploitation, but should the humanity and rich anthropological heritage of the Amazon not be explained in full to those seeking to capitalize on it, illegal logging might by the name of the game for the foreseeable future.