The Fascinating Origins Of Six Friendly Gestures

November 13, 2013

Friendly Gestures: The High Five

The high five’s origin is an extraordinarily contentious issue, given its association with camaraderie and celebration. The low five had long been used between black Americans and became popular during the Jazz Age as a response to “slap me some skin.” However, the cultural phenomenon known as the “high five” was not actually in print until 1980!

Friendly Gestures Glenn Burke

Source: Policy Mic

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Judith Ann Braun’s Fantastic Finger Art Paintings

November 10, 2013
Finger Painting

Source: Tumblr

While finger-painting may seem childish to some, artist Judith Ann Braun uses her fingers to create incredible artwork and murals that are anything but. Braun, who has been quite the force in the art world for decades, ditches traditional brushes and other tools that put a distance between the artist and the art and uses only her fingers and charcoal dust to paint beautiful pieces that have been displayed in a number of reputable museums and galleries.

Judith Ann Braun

Source: WordPress

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The Spread Of Modern Day Slavery In One Distressing Map

November 7, 2013

Modern Day Slavery Map

While slavery seems to some a relic of the past, the oppressive, dignity-robbing practice is still very much alive in the present. Today, the International Labor Organization estimates that 20.9 million men, women and children are shackled to the oppressive chain of slavery (to put this in perspective, that’s the population of Madagascar). In spite of various international conventions and treaties condemning slavery, these men and women are treated as physical property, forced to work through mental or physical threat, and suffer from being physically constrained to a specific environment until their ‘employer’ says otherwise. To learn more about it, be sure to visit CNN’s Freedom Project.

The World’s Weirdest Celebrations

November 6, 2013

If there’s one thing at which humans excel, it’s celebrating. Hanukkah, Halloween and Easter all rock up at the same time each year, but why not extend that festive savoir-faire to those lesser known holidays, like Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, or even Fruitcake Toss Day? If you’re in the market for a few more excuses to indulge, we’ve got a whole host of weird celebration days for you.

Felt Hat Day

Weirdest Celebrations Felt Hat 2

Source: Denmark Farm

On 15th September each year, men and women don their brightest and best felt hats in memory of, well, felt hats. In the 19th century, felt was one of the most common hat materials worn by the gentry and public alike, but the fabric saw its sad demise as other fashion trends emerged and curried the favor of the masses. Felt Hat Day is said to commemorate this historic fashion trend and to reintroduce this neglected clothing gem to the mainstream.

Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

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Odd Collections And Their Even More Eccentric Owners

November 5, 2013
Dimitris Pistiolas Movie Cameras

Source: China

It’s fair to say that at some point in our lives, we’ve all had a collection that, if others saw it, might make them question our sanity. For you, it might be old magazines, cigarette lighters or even, say, antique seat cushions. But for a handful of people, a collection is not complete until they possess those items–however obscure–in their entirety. Welcome to some of the weirdest collections in the world.

Odd Collections: Movie Cameras

Making it into the Guinness Book of Records for the eighth time in 2008 for his collection of old movie cameras, Dimitris Pistiolas’ from Athens, Greece, started collecting these vintage cinematic devices at the tender age of 15. Now a 78-year-old retired postman, his impressive collection is made up of almost one thousand different models and projectors from around the world.

The film fanatic has always had a love for cameras, so much so that Dimitris says he sacrificed his home life to fulfill his life long craze. With a haul that dates back to the 1960’s, when asked about how he found so many, he waxed like one would about finding The One: “You must search for them, chase them for many years to find them.”

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The Weirdest Wedding Traditions In The World

November 3, 2013
Blackening Scotland Tradition

Source: Flickr

Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days in the lives of two devoted partners, but there are a few wacky wedding customs from around the world that can throw a spanner in the works. From throwing soot over the bride to banging pots and pans on the couple’s wedding night, some traditions are just plain weird.

Blackening of the Bride and Groom

Blackening Wedding Traditon

Source: WordPress

Up in the Highlands of Scotland, there lies an age-old wedding custom that quite literally puts the bride and groom in a sticky situation. The ‘Blackening of the Bride’ ritual involves throwing treacle, soot and flour, at the happy couple to ward off evil spirits that might undermine their marriage. Nowadays, it’s a good excuse for the in-laws to hurl things at the bride and it’s believed that if you can endure the blackening, then you can handle marriage.

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