The Bizarre And Painful History of Breast Implants

Before the days of saline and silicone, doctors would try inserting pretty much anything. As this horrifying history of breast implants shows, that didn’t always work out.

Breast Implant History Silicon Surgical

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Experts estimate that breast enlargement is currently the second-most popular cosmetic surgery operation around the world, with approximately four percent of women in America endowed with breast implants. There are a couple of caveats in that figure, but when you can get a “temporary” breast enhancement injection that lasts for 24 hours, it really makes one wonder just how we got to this point. Who was the first person to suggest surgically altering the female breast? For that matter, who volunteered first, and why?

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Photo Of The Day: Stone Mountain Park, The Mount Rushmore Of The South, Sparks Controversy

Confederate Stone Mountain

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Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park was once the site of the founding of the second Ku Klux Klan (in 1915) and is now home to the controversial rock relief depicting three Confederate leaders: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The massive Mount Rushmore-style tribute is known to have attracted white supremacists across the nation, while sparking rage among many who believe the park should be a memorial to the Civil War, not just the Confederacy.

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Einstein, Chopin, The Dalai Lama And More: Seven Refugees Who Changed The World

Recent events have many parts of the world clamping down on admitting refugees. These historically important refugees show why that’s a mistake.

Famous Refugees Lede

All of the above, at one point in their lives, were refugees.

Recent world events have seen millions fleeing terrible circumstances in search of safe places to live. The ongoing influx of Syrian and Iraqi refugees abandoning conflict-stricken zones is just one recent example: Humanity, sadly, has a long history of creating refugees.

Some people have tried to keep these individuals out of their countries, or suggested that such an arrival is unprecedented, but again, history would suggest that such stances are both misguided and empirically false. Indeed, many refugees past have gone on to make history themselves, radically improving the world in which we all live. The following are seven historical, hugely important refugees whose contributions continue to impact our world even today:

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