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5 Historical Examples Of Why “One Man, One Woman” Has Never Been The Only Option

Homosexuality is often regarded as aberrant behavior, but history shows us that this is a relatively recent phenomenon.


Same-sex relationships and institutions are not as uncommon as some would like you to think.

We live in a world that is slowly granting the same rights to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Some have obviously—and publicly—balked at the gradual, legislative move toward equality, calling homosexuality and other “non-traditional” partnerships unnatural, inhuman, and worse. But if history is to serve as any sort of guide, it will tell us that “non-traditional” pairings is hardly a new idea…

The Curse Of January 30 — Could It Be The Worst Day In History?

Is any day in history as fraught with horrible events as January 30? From Hitler’s rise to power to the assassination of Gandhi, these are some of the absolute worst.

January 30 Calendar

History is complicated and unpredictable. When patterns do emerge, it’s usually because the same pressures are in play from one century to the next. Sometimes, though, weird stuff just seems to cluster around a single date. On the surface, January 30 doesn’t seem to be anything special—it’s no February 29, after all—but that date has attracted unpleasant news as if it was permanently under a cloud.

No obvious explanation occurs to us for the cluster of misfortune that this day represents, but this January 30, maybe call out sick and binge-watch Netflix or something. Here are some of the worst things to have befallen this day in history.

Photo Of The Day: The Surprising Origins Of The First Ever Guide Dog School

First Guide Dog School

The first graduating class of the first seeing eye dog school in America, The Seeing Eye, in February 1929. The first class had two students and two dogs, Tartar and Gala. Image Source: The Seeing Eye

Although they’re now an inextricable part of so many of our lives, no one knows exactly where and when humans first domesticated dogs. The conclusions of even the most recent studies are in stark conflict, but we can safely place the “consensus” of the time of first domestication at somewhere between 10,000 and 32,000 years ago. Whether you take the high end or the low end of that range, that’s thousands of years before recorded history even began.

So it’s rather remarkable to realize that the blind have only been using guide dogs for about 100 years. And it’s perhaps just as remarkable that that revolution probably wouldn’t have occurred without the efforts of one, lone man.

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23 Of The World’s Most Ingeniously Weird Ads

Advertising is both a science and an art, as the true stories of the real “Mad Men” show. Given the wealth of products to buy and causes to support, advertisers know that for an ad to really stick, it needs to pull out all the stops. Sometimes that challenge takes advertisers to brilliant places; other times they end up being downright offensive. But sometimes, advertisers straddle the middle ground of flat-out weird ads:

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Weird Ads Pubic Hair

When Denmark's Bornholm Brewery say "All Natural," they really do mean all. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Insects Hostel

It's "Gregor Samsa meets rainforest" in this ad for Kokopelli Hostel, Peru. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Weird Ads Barber Uk

Thanks to this British Eurostar ad, we now know why the Buckingham Palace guards are so tetchy. Source: Ads of the World

Bald Boy

Left: This divine Panasonic hair dryer will make even the bald buy it. Source: Blogger For Hire.

Right: India's Sankara Eye Institute goes about raising awareness for its cause in a slightly creepy way. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Pictionary Dog

This French ad for Pictionary shows how your kids see the world. Source: Ads of the World

Men Pear

Left: U.S. company Energy Logics makes it clear that their employees are best suited for a garage, not a beach. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Right: India's "Fruit Shop" has just made us feel really bad about eating pears. Creative Ad Awards

Elephants Whales

Left: Indonesia's Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts' major selling point is that they're large enough to choke an elephant. Source: Ads of the World

Right: Luxembourg's Utopolis Cinemas would like you to remember that reality sucks. Source: Ads of the World

Stomach Wolf

Left: Whoever designed this Jack Links Beef Jerky ad obviously listened to "Hungry Like The Wolf" on repeat. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Right: The Canadian Cancer Society just wants to let you know that cancer...can be sweet? Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Buffet Stop

This Oldtimer Motorway Stop in Austria will make you wish you'd taken a plane. Source: Terrific Top 10

Strange Ads Wise English

We're not sure that Brazil's Wise Up English School chose the best way to incentivize a non-English speaker to learn the language, but who are we to judge? Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Mona Train

This ad for Weltifurrer Transports, Switzerland, finally solves the mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile: She just made a passive-aggressive comment to a stewardess. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Nose Mucus

Sorry, Poland's Otrivin, we don't want to have to clean that flute. Source: Webneel

Strange Ads Sex Beads

This Aides (French Association Against Aids), ad's message it clear: Use protection, or spend your Friday night stringing beads instead. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Strange Ads Baby Mac

Sorry, McDonalds of India, but nobody is "lovin'" this. Source: The Strange List

Strange Ads Men Stupid

South Africa's 1st For Women Car Insurance: We insure women, because men are dumb. Source: WordStream

Strange Ads Hate Grandma

France's Findus Fraich’Frites are as yummy as the fries your grandma makes, but without the annoyance that comes with having to actually visit her. A win-win. Source: Webneel

Strange Ads Mineirinho Try

Brazil's Mineirinho Zero is the pre-death by hanging drink of choice, apparently. Source: Creative Ad Awards

Weird Ads

Germany's Queer-Travel cheekily shows the other side of America. Source: Naldz Graphics

Strange Ads Diabetes Srilanka

The Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka want to scare your gumdrop buttons right off. Source: Creative Ad Awards

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