3 Places You Don’t Ever Want To Visit

March 13, 2014
Three Places Centralia Abandoned

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The world is full of exciting and exotic vacation getaways. Big skies, vast expanses, and vistas that will take your breath away if you’re ever lucky enough to see them firsthand. And then there are places you’d sell your watch to get out of. Some areas on Earth are so awful, so inhospitable to human life, that you’d swear they’re the result of a half-finished effort at terraforming by alien life forms. Some of the places on this list have been awful since the beginning of time, while others started out okay only to be ruined by human activity over the years. Whatever the reason, here are three places you’d have to be crazy to visit.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

You know how some real estate is so cheap, you jokingly ask the realtor if it’s on fire? In Centralia, Pennsylvania, the answer to that question is invariably “yes.”

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Romain Laurent’s Bizarre And Bewitching GIFs

March 9, 2014

GIFs have become the internet’s prime currency. Once you comb through the innumerable viral videos and run the flash mob circuit, you might just discover Romain Laurent’s bizarre GIFs tucked away behind the couch.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs In One Chart

March 8, 2014

Most Dangerous Jobs

A Divided Ukraine

March 6, 2014

A Divided Ukraine

The chaotic scene in Ukraine changes on the hour, but thankfully its history does not. Ukraine straddles the border between Europe and Russia, and its geography finds itself deeply embedded and deterministic of cultural identity. The east is predominantly “pro-Russia”, with the west trying to forge closer bonds with the European Union. The Kremlin is deeply invested in maintaining a pro-Russia, Yanukovych presidency, which largely explains its current occupation of Crimea (re: it wants to quell dissent and rebellion while it is still manageable). For more information and photos, check out our spread.

Composer Makes Music From A Bicycle

March 3, 2014

Proving that you don’t need a Stradivarius or a Stratocaster to make a rich sound, composer Johnnyrandom makes great use of everyday objects in his musical compositions. Watch as he reinvents the bicycle and prepare to be amazed.

30 GIFs That Explain The World Around Us

March 3, 2014

Convening the best aspects of photo and video into one pith and movement-filled entity, the GIF is the Internet’s wunderkind. While arguments have arisen about its pronunciation, everyone can agree that they do a fine job of entertaining and informing an audience whose mobile lifestyles demand that content be quick, to the point and easy to absorb. Enjoy these thirty fantastic GIFs that explain the world around us:

How The Human Face Forms In The Womb

GIFs Human Face Forming

Formed both by intramembranous and endochondral ossification, it’s in a woman’s first trimester that the fetus’ skull is most susceptible to developing skull deformities.

The History Of US States And Territories In Maps

GIFs History Of US

An elementary school student’s dream come true: all of the information on the competing interests within the United States–minus the stuffy history books.

How The Easter Island Moai Statues Might Have Been Transported

GIFs Easter Island Transport

The Polynesian statues have boggled minds for centuries–both in terms of size and the technical prowess of those responsible for moving them. One possible explanation for how they may have been transported may be seen above.

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