What We Loved This Week, Jan. 31 – Feb. 6

Vintage celebrity selfies, opulent wigs made of paper, the most astounding eyes in all of nature, the world’s most ingeniously bizarre ads, and cool photos of ’60s mods.

Kennedy Selfie

From left: Ethel, Jacqueline, and John F. Kennedy. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Celebrity Selfies Taken Long Before The Word Was Even Invented

Astronauts Selfie

Apollo astronauts, early 1970s. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Sure, the word “selfie” is only about 15 years old, and mobile phones with cameras are only about the same age. But, if you think we haven’t been taking self-portraits for far, far longer than that, you’re dead wrong. And by “we,” I also mean the rich, famous, and powerful. Sure, rock stars and politicians of decades past couldn’t share their selfies on Instagram or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean, with a little digging, you can’t find some truly iconic, vintage self-portraits. See more at Vintage Everyday.

Stevie Nicks Selfie

Stevie Nicks. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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Photo Of The Day: The Date Beer Changed Forever

First Canned Beer

Image Source: Wikipedia

There’s a high chance that the last beer you drank came out of a can. Over 50% of non-draught beer in America is sold in cans (and that number has risen in recent years). But prior to January 24, 1935, a can wouldn’t have even been an option.

The American Can Company started toying with the idea of canned beer back in 1909. Their major problem was that the cans just couldn’t hold up to the 30-80 pounds-per-square inch of carbonated pressure found in bottled beer. And then Prohibition hit in 1919, eliminating any potential market even if the company could figure out their problem.

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What We Loved This Week, Jan. 10 – 16

A giant treehouse colony, exotic animals kept as pets, one-of-a-kind underwater creatures, vintage winter photography, and surreal animal camouflage.


Cyanea capillata. Image Source: The Washington Post/Alexander Semenov

Dive Into The Deep Sea With Alexander Semenov’s Gorgeous Underwater Photography

Sea Angel

Clione limacina , or Sea Angel. Image Source: The Washington Post/Alexander Semenov

While many photographers are content to capture terrestrial subjects, Alexander Semenov dives into the oceans’ depths for his photos. Semenov, head of the divers’ team at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, regularly takes to the water to capture marine life in digital form–big or small, colorful or opaque, Semenov is interested in it all. And it’s not just for aesthetics’ sake: said Semenov to the Washington Post, “My own goal is to study underwater life through camera lenses and to boost people’s interest in marine biology.”

Giant Pacific Octopus

Giant Pacific Octopus Image Source: The Washington Post/Alexander Semenov

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What We Loved This Week, Dec. 13 – 19

Volcano Lightning

A thunderstorm complete with volcanic lightning rages over Mount Etna in Catania, Italy. Image Source: The Atlantic

2015’s Most Astounding Volcanic Eruptions Around The World

Volcano Red Clouds

Due to a massive smoke column over 12 miles high, the eruption of Chile’s Calbuco volcano caused widespread evacuation in the surrounding area. Image Source: The Atlantic

About 50 of the world’s 1,500 or so active volcanoes erupt each year. While 2015 may not have seen more eruptions than usual, many of those eruptions sure seemed especially astonishing. In August, Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea erupted while a 3.8 magnitude earthquake occurred underneath the volcano. In December, Sicily’s Mount Etna erupted twice in one month, spewing lava and ash more than a mile into the air. And there’s plenty more where that came from…

Volcano Red Glow

The Villarrica Volcano of Pucon, Chile, is among the most active in South America. Image Source: The Atlantic

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