Mirror City’s Kaleidoscopic Views

August 12, 2013

In Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”, he remarks frequently on what an alien might glean about humans if it were to visit Earth. Sagan thought that one of the alien’s most salient take aways would be our obsession with geometry and symmetry. In “Mirror City,” a time-lapse of the United States’ greatest cities from Chicago to San Diego, the creator takes that obsession to a kaleidoscopic and entrancing new level.

Amsterdam From Above

July 30, 2013

Aerial View Of Amsterdam

Besides forming an aesthetically appealing design, Amsterdam’s canals served a more functional purpose as they provided an apt means of defense, transportation and water development. Crafted at the height of immigration in the 17th century, city planners developed a canal-based organizational system comprising four concentric half-circles, three of which were used solely for residential development. Unfortunately, the original plans have been lost so historians are left to speculate the original drafters’ intentions.

The Sophisticated Specs Of Villa F, Greece

July 19, 2013

Futuristic, sophisticated and nuanced in its monotone coloring, Villa F is an extruded prism offering stunning ocean views in Rhodes, Greece. Be sure to check out the other designs of the visionary architect duo here.

An Amazingly Energy-Efficient Home Controllable By Smartphone

July 15, 2013
Zero Energy One Modular House

Source: Architizer

Designed by the Romania-based Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies the Soleta ZeroEnergy One is a tiny modular home that achieves 45% energy efficiency by incorporating high-tech smartphone-ready features. Read more about it here.

The Coziest Tree House You’ll Ever See

July 5, 2013

While typically reserved for those whose idea of fine entertainment includes endless rounds of hide-and-seek, adults can also enjoy the quaint coziness of tree houses. Featured above is not a child’s fort; rather, it’s a bed and breakfast nestled in the forests of Washington State.

Tom Eckert’s Whimsical Wood Sculptures

June 24, 2013

While the towel above might look like it’s made of cotton, you’d hardly want to wipe your face with it. Why? It’s made of wood. And because it’s a priceless work of art courtesy of sculptor Tom Eckert. Born in 1942, Tom Eckert’s intricate wood sculptures look nothing like the relatively nondescript wood he uses to shape and create them. Eckert is based in Arizona, and primarily works with basswood, linden and limewood, which are stable woods that can easily be painted or carved.

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