The Coziest Tree House You’ll Ever See

July 5, 2013

While typically reserved for those whose idea of fine entertainment includes endless rounds of hide-and-seek, adults can also enjoy the quaint coziness of tree houses. Featured above is not a child’s fort; rather, it’s a bed and breakfast nestled in the forests of Washington State.

Tom Eckert’s Whimsical Wood Sculptures

June 24, 2013

While the towel above might look like it’s made of cotton, you’d hardly want to wipe your face with it. Why? It’s made of wood. And because it’s a priceless work of art courtesy of sculptor Tom Eckert. Born in 1942, Tom Eckert’s intricate wood sculptures look nothing like the relatively nondescript wood he uses to shape and create them. Eckert is based in Arizona, and primarily works with basswood, linden and limewood, which are stable woods that can easily be painted or carved.

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The Coolest Pools On Earth: Swimming In Colors

June 12, 2013
Coolest Pools The Red Pool

Source: Adelto

Nestled on Chaweng Beach shore on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, The Library Resort boasts minimalist-styled, luxurious suites, lush topiary, and an extensive collection of books for guests to peruse. Yet The Library’s most striking feature is the bright red pool situated against the ocean. Housing daybeds, Thai antiques, and a mini-library, The Red Pool is the resort’s most intriguing and appealing accommodation.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XVI

June 7, 2013

An Insider’s Look At The X Games Barcelona

A couple weeks ago, the X Games swept through the Spanish city of Barcelona. And in its wake, those of us unable to attend the extreme sports festivities are left with some absolutely incredible photographic coverage of it. Head over to The Roosevelts for more high-quality and even higher octane images of the athletes who would make Isaac Newton have a field day.

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An Ark In The Middle Of The Desert

June 1, 2013

Imagine how awesome it would be to tell someone at a party that, when asked what you do, you’re in the process of building an innovative biosphere in the middle of the desert that’s completely closed to the outside atmosphere…and that, on top of that, you’ll be living in it for two years? The guys featured in the video above did.

What We Love This Week, Volume XV

May 31, 2013
War Toys 1

Source: Hi Fructose

Brian McCarty’s “War Toys”

War Toys 3

Source: Hi Fructose

While war may destroy nations, political ideologies and even historic monuments, perhaps the most tragic casualty is the imagination and innocence stolen from a child caught in its throes. In light of this, world renown photographer Brian McCarty has taken to several Middle Eastern cities devastated by war and talked to some of the very children stricken by it. In their conversations, McCarty asks the children to express their memories through pencil and paper, which eventually serves as the framework for McCarty’s subsequent photos.

In them, war toys take on a much more sinister and macabre appearance, thus begging the question of why we try to plasticize, market and misrepresent war and its accompanying violence to children. If you want more, Hi Fructose has a great gallery of other images in McCarty’s series for your viewing pleasure.

War Toys 2

Source: Hi Fructose

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