Harley Davidson’s Electric Evolution

July 19, 2014

This is what comes to mind when you hear the name Harley-Davidson, right?

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle Men

Source: Columbian

Or something like this:

Or maybe even this:

Harley Davidson Pin Up

Source: eBay

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5 Of The World’s Best Modern Home Designs

July 5, 2014
Modern Homes Monterrey

Source: AEC Cafe

Modern Homes: House in Monterrey, Mexico

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando this Mexican abode clearly highlights Ando’s inspiration, the Buddhist concept of Zen. Ando’s architectural style evokes simplicity and centers itself around internal feelings as opposed to external appearance. This explains, at least in part, Ando’s use of simple lines and vast amounts of water.

Modern Homes Monterrey Deck

Source: Meta Locus

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Meet “Cloud”, A Speaker And Lamp That Looks Exactly Like A Thundercloud

July 1, 2014

Don’t come home to escape the storm? Then this lamp is just for you. Made by Richard Clarkson Studio, the lamp-speaker combo features a motion detector that triggers thunder and lightning the minute you walk into the room. Moody and broody types, rejoice!

Painted Typography That Will Blow Your Mind

June 28, 2014

It would be hard to explain Pawel Nolbert’s painted typography to a friend. The images flaunt characteristics of a painting—brushstrokes, paint drips and sometimes even the paint canisters themselves—and yet they the painted typography images from Nolbert’s Atypical series are mixed-media masterpieces unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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6 Of The Most Amazing Pools On The Planet

June 14, 2014

From kiddie wading pools to Olympic competition aquatic centers, swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve ever spent time at an upscale resort, you are already aware that a fabulous pool can make you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. Here are six examples of some of the world’s most amazing and extravagant pools -complete with breathtaking views.

Amazing Pools: Marina Bay Sands

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What We Love This Week, Volume LXVIII

June 6, 2014
Source: Design Boom

Source: Design Boom

Architects Envision A 21st Century “Himalayas”

Source: Design Boom

Source: Design Boom

At a juncture when it seems that humankind is at odds with nature (and losing), a vision like the Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center offers a much less antagonistic vision of that relationship. MAD architects debuted the modern day Himalayas at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, readily presenting the ethos of shanshui, or the achieved spiritual harmony between nature and humanity. In their 560,000 square meter space, manmade structures and their waterfall and rainwater-filled interiors complement nature; they don’t necessarily take away from it. Read more about the metropolis’ specs at Design Boom.

Source: Design Boom

Source: Design Boom

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