What We Love This Week, Volume XXXII

Oktoberfest Waitress

Source: The Atlantic

The Beginning Of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Jumping

Source: The Atlantic

Despite its deceiving name, Oktoberfest begins in late September and lasts for a whopping 16 days. Celebrating the oh-so fine brews from Bavaria, over six million people are slated to attend this year’s Oktoberfest–marking the 180th anniversary of the event. Despite emptying much of their wallets (a mug will cost you around $13), patrons will likely end up packing on quite a few barley-induced pounds. For those of us who don’t have the means to jet off to Munich, The Atlantic’s photo essay almost makes us feel as if we’ve got foam on our upper lips.

Oktoberfest Pass Out

Source: The Atlantic

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The Amazing Home In A Bluebird Bus

Meet Mike and Natalie Young, a newly-wed couple who opted to convert a 1978 Bluebird bus into their future domicile. Yes, you read that correctly: they turned a 300 square foot school bus into their house! Dubbed ‘Rosie’, the bus is complete with a kitchen, living space, and bedroom in an open floor concept from front to back. And even better? Rosie only cost $3000! See below for wonderful pictures of Mike and Natalie’s amazing home in a bluebird bus:

Bluebird Bus House

Home In A Bluebird Bus

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXVIII

Day To Night In The World’s Most Iconic Cities

Movement in the world’s most populous cities never stops, and neither should the photographic exposure of it. Not content with capturing these dynamic metropolises at a single moment in time, it was not uncommon for photographer Stephen Wilkes to spend around 15 hours a day shooting 1,500 of the same subject (so around 100 photos per hour, or a little under two photos per minute). Wilkes’ project took him all the way from DC to Jerusalem to Shanghai; for more stunning shots, head over to The Daily Mail.

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Mirror City’s Kaleidoscopic Views

In Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”, he remarks frequently on what an alien might glean about humans if it were to visit Earth. Sagan thought that one of the alien’s most salient take aways would be our obsession with geometry and symmetry. In “Mirror City,” a time-lapse of the United States’ greatest cities from Chicago to San Diego, the creator takes that obsession to a kaleidoscopic and entrancing new level.

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