Singapore’s Astounding Lengths–And Limits

Singapore At Night

Known for its free-market approach to stimulating economic growth, many praise the region’s embrace of minimal regulations for its current affluent state. That being said, such freedom comes at a cost: in terms of democracy, the island is ranked as “partly free” and some stipulate that had Singapore not been endowed with such a benevolent dictator, it would cease to achieve the prosperity it maintains today.

A Look At The Sarah Winchester Mystery House

Based solely upon its exterior, the Winchester Mystery House looks like any other sprawling northern California mansion. The house’s sea of red roofs and beautiful gardens may even appear inviting. Yet take a tour through the nearly 160 rooms and you’ll see why the Winchester Mystery House, built for 38 years by Sarah Winchester, has been dubbed one of the creepiest homes the world.

Sarah Winchester, born around 1840, grew up in a world of privilege. She spoke four languages, attended the best schools around, married well, and eventually gave birth to a daughter, Annie. However, tragedy struck in her late twenties when Annie died, followed by the death of Sarah’s husband William more than a decade later.

Sarah Winchester House

Source: CD Lib

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What We Love This Week, Volume XI

Guido Daniele’s Amazing Handimals

There’s a tired adage which states that all art imitates life, but Italian artist Guido Daniele has turned the saying on its head–or rather, its hands. Utilizing the human hand as his canvas, Daniele transforms the most vulnerable and expressive parts of the body into priceless works of art. The result is an incredible living painting wherein the most obvious symbol for humanity–the hand–is almost indiscernible from the wildlife painted atop it. Check out Twisted Sifter to see a more extensive list.

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Vertical Gardens, An “Up” And Coming Green Trend

Vertical Gardens

Source: Vert Garden

Vertical gardens are the topiary of the future. These breathtaking, upward expanses of greenery are popping up worldwide as public art, covering civic and residential buildings, and functioning as space-conscious home gardens.

A vertical garden is a wall or vertical structure that is at least partially covered by vegetation. These gardens range from pure decoration to fully-functional herb or veggie gardens for those lacking a lot of space. The high-reaching form of gardening has become of worldwide interest as it offsets a space’s carbon footprint while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Recently, vertical gardening has moved from small-scale venues to become an integral facet of some major architectural projects in construction. Though the images are only digitized plans of how the buildings will look in the future, it’s obvious that these structures will provide a beautiful contrast to the dark cities in which they’re located.

Vertical Gardens Agora

Source: Ideas GN

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