What We Love This Week, Volume II

The Most Adorable Animals Ever “Captured”

Found from our friends at My Modern Metropolitan and courtesy of 500PX, ease into spring with a reminder that there is, well, life on Earth that doesn’t come in grey-ish tones. While some images on 500px feature short-captioned photos by up-and-coming photographers, others include incredible back stories. Be sure to check out both sites.

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Moss Graffiti, Living Art

For many people, graffiti conjures up a slew of negative associations. It’s usually illegal, expensive to remove, can damage property, and is often vulgar or unappealing to the eye. Despite graffiti’s traditionally sullied reputation, there are still those who see it as a unique expression of individuality and support graffiti artists whose works brighten otherwise dark and dreary cities.

Moss graffiti, frequently called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, is changing people’s perception of street art. Fresh, intriguing, and alive, eco-graffiti can literally bring life to urban landscapes. Instead of spreading toxic chemicals through spray paint, moss graffiti artists use bio-degradable ingredients to write messages, draw pictures, and decorate plain architecture.

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