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Patrick Dougherty’s Stunning, Eco-Friendly Sculptures

Patrick Dougherty is yet another contemporary sculptor whose eco-friendly artwork blurs the line between art and the environment. By manipulating saplings into spectacular shapes and images, he flawlessly builds green artwork that has garnered worldwide praise. Dougherty is yet another artist interested in earth-friendly artwork, and his success confirms that the green art trend is here to stay.

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The Most Awesomely-Eccentric Japanese Products


Ever wanted to know exactly what your cat is saying? With Meowlingual, the mystery behind your cat’s cries is finally gone. This Japanese device promises to translate your cat’s ‘language’ from a series of purrs into phrases such as “I can’t stand it” and over 200 more expressions. The quirky device records your cat while it speaks to you and matches the noise with its closest human translation. And while it’s up to you to determine how much faith you put into these translations, it’ll cost you around $75 to try it out.

Portable Zebra Crossing

Japanese Products Zebra Crossing 1

Source: Blogspot

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The Incredible Invisible Bicycle Helmet

As these young inventors say, bikes are the future. As everyone says, bike helmets are unwieldy and uncomfortable. To combat the latter in order to accommodate the former, two design students are crafting an invisible bike helmet. Watch above to find out more.

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