Shanghai’s Innovative Pedestrian Bridge

Circular Pedestrian Bridge Shanghai

Constructed some time in 2011, the circular pedestrian bridge in Lujiazui, Pudong District of Shanghai blends an aesthetically pleasing design with environmental necessity. Essentially saving many Shanghaians the toil of traffic and turnabouts, the infrastructure literally bridges the gap between work and play, as it connects users easily with office buildings, cafes and restaurants. This design comes as part of China’s latest wave of environmentally-charged innovation, market-based adaptation and CO2 emission reduction, some of which has been rewarded by the World Wildlife Federation as some of the best efforts to combat climate change.

An Experimental Take On Our Origins

Acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang‘s “Solipsist” defies all worldly explanations. The only thing we can be sure that exists is this video’s kaleidoscopic decadence.

Florida’s Bizarre Dome Homes

Florida's Bizarre Dome Homes

Source: Marco News

Built in Naples in 1981, the futuristic igloos seen above may not be around much longer. Falling into disrepair, one dome home owner seeking to restore the vintage vestibule has encountered nothing but exorbitant fines and bureaucratic hassles in the process.

What We Love This Week, Volume III

Ethereal Birds 1

Source: Neat-O-Rama

Geneva’s Ethereal Birds

Ethereal Birds 2

Source: Neat-O-Rama

One would hardly think that chicken wire is conducive to anything of use outside of a farm setting, let alone a medium with which to construct something beautiful. But where you and I might see a fence, French artist Cedric Le Borgne sees a web of infinite possibility. The ethereal chicken wire sculptures seen above are currently nested in Geneva’s Rue de la Fontaine, blurring the line between the natural with the surreal and forcing us to question the difference between the malleable and the concrete. Be sure to visit Neat-o-rama for even more peeks into Le Borgne’s urban dreamscape.

Ethereal Birds 3

Source: Neat-O-Rama

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