Milan’s Miraculous Skyline

Milan Italy Skyline

While Milan is best known for the incredible haute couture found within its walls, the views from above its high rises are just as breathtaking.

Five Of The Most Incredible Christo And Jeanne-Claude Works

Incredible Christo Works Trees

Source: Flickr

Verhüllte Bäume (Wrapped Trees)

Incredible Christo Works Trees 3

Source: Arch Blog

Completed over the course of several days in November 1998, Wrapped Trees is an exceptional outdoor work that involved the meticulous covering of nearly 180 trees in Basel, Switzerland. Each individual tree had custom made silver polyester wrapping designed to allow the tree’s natural branches to shape the fabric ball and give each tree a unique, luminous design.

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The Dumbfounding Design Of Dubai

Design Dubai

While Dubai dates all the way back to 1095, its futuristic and soaring skyscrapers paint a portrait of a city that sprouted up overnight. Currently, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower is the world’s tallest building, with a height of over 2,700 feet.

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