The Dramatic Transformation Of Hong Kong’s Skyline


With humble beginnings as a small fishing village, Hong Kong has drastically transformed into one of the most important financial capitals in the world. Its skyline has certainly spiked as well. With its night time light shows, Hong Kong’s metropolitan area is consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful city skylines and is considered the world’s most vertical city with over 1220 skyscrapers in its horizon. This selection of images outlines the city’s evolution from a mountainous terrain to a sprawling urban landscape boasting of architectural innovation and a booming economy.



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Muennig’s Modern One Room House

Modern House Muennig

From Voice of Nature: For over 13 years, architect Mickey Muennig (and girlfriend and children) lived in the tiny Greenhouse—his 1976 take on the then-popular dome and his celestial artistic response. From the deck of the outdoor bath, you can see up the coast.

Inside the one-room house, the reclaimed-redwood platform bed hangs on slender steel rods fastened to the ceiling. The ceiling cap is a vent—the house’s thermostat.

Daylight In Dubai

Daylight In Dubai

Located within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s futuristic cityscape has garnered international attention and admiration for its modern take on Islamic architecture and for being the home of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Japan’s Contemporary Crematorium

Japan Contemporary Crematorium

With soft lines and an undulating roof, Japan’s Meiso no Mori funeral home and crematorium was built to commemorate the dead in a secular and liberating fashion. Says project architect Leo Yokota regarding his guiding image: “Rather than the heavy, dignified architecture usual with crematoria, we imagined a soft place, as if a gentle snowfall had settled lightly upon the site to form a broad and generous roof.”

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