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Daylight In Dubai

Located within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s futuristic cityscape has garnered international attention and admiration for its modern take on Islamic architecture and for being the home of the world’s tallest building,…

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Japan’s Contemporary Crematorium

Japan Contemporary Crematorium

With soft lines and an undulating roof, Japan’s Meiso no Mori funeral home and crematorium was built to commemorate the dead in a secular and liberating fashion. Says project architect Leo Yokota regarding his guiding image: “Rather than the heavy, dignified architecture usual with crematoria, we imagined a soft place, as if a gentle snowfall had settled lightly upon the site to form a broad and generous roof.”

Greece’s Historic Agios Stefanos Monastery

Agios Stefanos Monastery Photograph

Founded by St. Antoninus Cantacuzene circa 1400, Greece’s Agios Stefanos Monastery suffered much damage in the 20th century: it was bombed during World War II and desecrated during the subsequent Civil War. In the latter period, most of the frescoes were defaced by Communist rebels.

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