The Beautiful Hovering Temples Of Greece

October 25, 2011

The Beautiful Hovering Temples Of Greece

High above a sleepy village, built atop sandstone rock pillars, and silhouetted against the Grecian skyline, sit the six monasteries of the Meteora. The temples are the second largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece and are located at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly.

Hovering Temples Of Greece Photograph

Temples of Greece

Monks, who used to dwell in neighboring caves, originally settled the area of Meteora in the 11th century. During Turkish occupation and the lawlessness that followed, the monks began to climb higher above ground to be closer to God, finally deciding to create their homes perched on the sandstone pillars.

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The Astounding Design Of Eixample Barcelona

October 18, 2011

Eixample Barcelona Grid Layout Photograph

Constructed in the early 20th century, Eixample is a district of the Spanish city of Barcelona known for the urban planning that divided the district into octagonal blocks. Influenced by a range of schools of architecture, Eixample Barcelona was designed in a grid pattern with long streets, wide avenues, and rounded street corners.

Despite being in the center of a thriving European metropolis, the district provides improved living conditions for inhabitants including extensive sun light, improved ventilation, and more open green space for public use. And of course, the result from the grid-like structure is astounding from above:

Birds Eye View Of Eixample Barcelona District

Eixample Barcelona Panorama Photograph

Videos Of The Design Of Eixample Barcelona

The World’s First Hamster Hotel

August 16, 2011

Hamster Hotel in Nantes Photograph

Fulfilling your lifelong dream to live like a hamster (and, honestly, who hasn’t dreamed of that?) has been made easy on the Atlantic Coast of France. Tucked away in the city of Nantes, the Villa Hamster offers rooms evoking the habitats of hamsters — all for the tiny fee of 150 Euros a night.

Yann Falquerho Hamster Hotel

Lobby of the Hamster Hotel

The Villa was opened in November 2009 after it was conceived by scenographer Yann Falquerho and interior designer Frédéric Tabary. Working with his urban gîte company, Un Coin Chez Soi, Falquerho and Tabary designed the hotel for a bit of a laugh and to give the chance for people to experience living like an animal in a Kafka-esque metamorphosis. They also envisioned the space as a means of escaping the paralysis and relative uniformity of modern society.

Inside of the Hamster Hotel

Hamster Hotel in Nantes Picture

As such, they created the compact and cramped hamster cage accommodation. The Villa is built inside a building dating back to the 1700s and is equipped with hamster cage essentials and decor to provide an authentic rodent experience. The guests are given fur costumes to don, eat food from containers filled with organic grain, have a water tube from which they can drink, and a bed of hay accessed via a ladder. The most bizarre piece, however, is the large metal wheel where guests can get their hamster on, running on loop, side-by-side. However, the Villa isn’t all child-like play. It has all the amenities – WiFi, kitchen, flat screen TV, and shower – to make the stay as comfortable as it is eccentric.

You can even take a video tour of the hamster hotel:

The Astounding Room In A Box

August 9, 2011

Room in a Box Photo

Specializing in mobile living furniture, Casulo, a German design and furniture company, created an incredible room in a box. The box includes a range of furniture that can more-than adequately fill any living space including a desk, a filing cabinet, an office chair, a pair of stools, a bed frame, a mattress, a wardrobe, and a set of shelves.

Room In A Box Compact Picture

Casulo Room In A Box

The idea of an entire room compactly provided in a single package has become so popular that one can now purchase a bedroom in a box from Amazon.

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Nine Weird And Wonderful Hotels

July 25, 2011

For the average traveler, a hotel room is merely a rest stop, with the real adventure starting once you leave its comfort. But in these weird and wonderful hotels – from sea critters to freezing temperatures – trekkers don’t have to look beyond their enclosed walls for a thrill:

Weird & Wonderful Hotels: Capsule Hotel, Japan

Capsule Hotel of Japan

If you’re claustrophobic, opt against the Capsule Hotel in Japan. True to its name, the space-saving, dirt-cheap accommodation is a stack of fiberglass blocks, measuring 2m by 1m by 1.25m, with just enough room to sleep in. Despite the cost-saving, overnight solution, the hotel is fully equipped with wireless, television and communal laundry rooms.

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The Amazing Anamorphic Garden Of Paris

July 20, 2011

As part of an art show, Paris’ City Hall had a pretty amazing anamorphic garden installed. Designed by François Abelanet, it uses anamorphosis to play games with the viewer’s perspective.

The Anamorphic Garden of Paris Photograph

The effect however looks quite different if you look at it from other angles:

Gardens of Paris

The Anamorphic Garden of Paris Picture

The Amazing Anamorphic Garden Of Paris

Garden Of Paris