Taking The High Ground: How Some Countries Are Preparing For Global Warming

Governments and communities all over the world are preparing for global warming. Here are some of the things they’re doing to get ready for a very different world.

Warming Prep Sand Bags

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Global warming is changing the way the world works, and its effects are leaving human institutions scrambling to catch up — and prepare for what’s quickly becoming the new normal. From flooded coastlines to swarms of diseased vermin, almost every population on Earth will soon have to find some creative ways to thrive in the hotter, less hospitable world we’re giving future generations. Here are some of the canaries in the global warming coal mine, and what they’re doing to protect themselves.

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Killer Fish And Man-Eating Snakes: Nine Invasive Species That Are Destroying America

From the killer fish that can live on dry land to the thousand-pound wild pigs with teeth to match, here are nine of the most terrifying invasive species that are threatening American wildlife–and humans.

As pest-infested ships from distant lands pull into port and uncaring pet owners release their imported animals into the wild, a number of invasive species have made their escape onto American soil. With their hefty appetites, aggressive natures, and will to survive, many of these truly frightening animals are driving our native species nearly to the point of extinction.

Without their natural predators, these invasive species are free to thrive in their newfound environment–and wreak havoc. These are nine of the most alarming invasive species that are putting our habitats, our wildlife, and sometimes even ourselves in danger…

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Food Waste: How We Can Overcome The Alarming Facts And Dire Predictions

The issue of food waste has picked up some considerable buzz recently, and rightly so. The problem goes far beyond simply appreciating the food that is in front of you. In fact, food waste–which is any uneaten food or food preparation scraps from residences, businesses, and other institutions–is a serious global economic, environmental, and moral issue. The world population is projected to hit 9.6 billion by 2050. Unless food waste is reduced, we simply will not be able to feed everyone.

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