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Paris Bids Adieu To Its Famous Love Locks

paris love locks close up

B. Monginoux / under creative commons license. Source: landscape-photo

It’s always been said that love lifts us up, but maybe that’s just because the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris is holding all of our weight. Measured this way, love weighs approximately 45 tons, all of which comes from the famous “love locks” that tourists have attached to the Parisian bridge. Lovers have been affixing padlocks onto the grates of this structure (and many other European bridges and landmarks) since Italian author Federico Moccia’s novel, Ho Voglia di Te (I Want You) popularized the trend in the late 2000s.

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The Dramatic Heights Of Lake Leitisvatn

Lake Leitisvatn Faroe Islands

If you were in Norway and decided that you wanted to take a boat to the halfway point between Norway and Iceland, chances are you’d run into the Faroe Islands. If you decided to shore your boat and explore the individual islands within this frigid archipelago, you’d eventually discover Leitisvatn (featured above), the islands’ largest lake. The lake’s surface rests some 98 feet above sea level, and is enclosed by a higher cliff which prevents the lake’s waters from emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Sintra, The Portuguese City Of Architectural Delights

Sintra Portugal Pena Palace

The splendid Pena National Palace overlooking the town of Sintra, Portgual. Source: Flickr

Sintra is a three-dimensional anthology of architectural pleasure. Located on the Atlantic coast and only a half-hour’s drive from the capital city of Lisbon, the Portuguese city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. Sintra’s abundant architectural and historical attractions include a municipal building completed in 1154, the royal palace whose conical kitchen chimneys rise into the sky like twin birthday hats, and the Quinta da Regaleira with its enigmatic sculpture and mossy, fairy-tale well.

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