5 Countries You May Not Know Declared War On The U.S.

Occasionally, the United States is on the receiving end of declarations of war. Here are some examples you may have missed in history class.

Countries Lede

Can you guess which of these places has at one point in time declared war on the United States?

When we think of the nations that despise the U.S. so much that they’d actually declare war on it, Thailand is not necessarily the first to come to mind. But on Jan. 25, 1942, they did just that. The former “puppet-state” of Japan — which had previously declared its neutrality in the Second World War — decided to formally side with Japan. In so doing, Thailand’s Prime Minister Lang Pipul declared war on the United States and Great Britain. Shortly after, he took dictatorial control of Thailand.

What other surprising countries have made like Thailand and declared a surprising war against the U.S.? We highlight a handful of them here.

This Stunning Interactive Map Visualizes 800,000 Refugees Entering Europe

Millions have been displaced due to conflicts in the Middle East this year. This interactive map helps visualize it.

Help Europe

A man holds a placard as Syrian and Afghan refugees demand to travel to Germany in September 2015. Image Source: Flickr/AFP

In 2015, unending bloodshed in Syria as well as reignited conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan pushed millions of people to find a new life in a new country. Over the past year, nearly 800,000 refugees and asylum seekers have fled to Europe, hoping to restart in a continent of peace that has maintained relative prosperity even during the recent financial crisis. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of beleaguered men, women, and children has tested the European Union.

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This Small Village In Spain Is Home To More Books Than People

In 2007, the small town of Urueña, Spain decided to become a Villa del Libro, or a town of books. This is what it looks like.

Book Village Medieval Gate

One of the old medieval gates leading out of Urueña, Spain’s Villa del Libro. Image Source: Flickr

Imagine a small medieval town behind a high wall. A castle stands on one end, and all around are vineyards and fields of wheat. Imagine that within the walls the entire town is devoted to reading and writing. Imagine that the entire town is, in essence, one magical bookstore.

One of many European wonders, this fairytale for bibliophiles exists in Spain. The place is called Urueña, and it is only a two hour drive northwest from Madrid. The town sits within a medieval wall, surrounded by vast plains, in the region of Castilla y León. In recent years, it has transformed itself into a Villa del Libro, a village that celebrates books.

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What Does The Wave Of Sexual Assaults In Germany Mean For The Refugee Crisis?

Syrian Refugee

A series of sexual assaults in Germany may have devastating consequences for refugees seeking entrance into the country. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Germany has been one of Europe’s brightest beacons for refugees fleeing Syria, after years of civil war, and the Middle East at large. The country’s progressive policies on immigration have allowed entrance for around 1 million people, which is a stark contrast to nearly every other country nearby (in the U.S., politicians have made statements both for and against allowing refugees entry into America). Some countries like Poland and Hungary had agreed to take in refugees, but after the November Paris attacks, reversed their commitment. Now it seems as if public sentiment in Germany is shifting as well.

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