Photo Of The Day: Artist Turns Vladimir Lenin Statue Into Darth Vader

Lenin Darth Vader Statue

The Lenin statue before and after its transformation. Image Source: SFGate

The Dark Side has established itself in Odessa, Ukraine.

A statue of Vladimir Lenin, brutal leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and key figure in the creation of the Soviet Union, was converted into a statue of Darth Vader in response to a law requiring local governments to remove communist and Nazi symbols and names. Alexander Milov, a Ukrainian sculptor who made his mark in the art world at the Burning Man festival this year, was behind the statue’s transformation.

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Man Dies Mid-Flight After Biting A Passenger

Plane Man Bites Man

A plane made an emergency landing in Cork after a man bit another man and had to be restrained. Image Source: Daily Mail

There’s a newspaper industry saying that goes, “‘Dog Bites Man’ isn’t news, but ‘Man Bites Dog’ is.” So what about when “man bites man?”

Aer Lingus Flight El 485 was en route to Dublin from Lisbon on Sunday night when a 24-year-old passenger “ran amok” and bit another passenger, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing and send the remaining passengers on their way to the Irish capital by bus, officials said.

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Photo Of The Day: European Refugee Crisis Given High Fashion Treatment In Hungary

Hungarian Migrant Chic Photoshoot

Image Source: The Mirror

High fashion and the migrant crisis have collided in Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa’s “migrant chic” new photo shoot. In the photos, viewers can see a “migrant” model being dragged away by authorities, or checking her Chanel-branded phone. A razor-wire fence reminiscent of the Hungary-Serbia border looms in the background of both. The model, Monika Jablonczky, is in various states of undress throughout the shoot, presenting a stark contrast to the conservative style of women’s dress in the Middle East.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Oktoberfest

Historic Oktoberfest Costume

The classic dress such as lederhosen, over the knee leather pants, and traditional head wear are all on full display during the costume parade. Source: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

As temperatures begin to cool and daylight hours start to dwindle, there is little better way to send summer off than by sipping a cold beer with family and friends. But what if we told you that what we recognize as Oktoberfest, the German festival which does just that and then some, was not exactly meant to last more than one week?

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