Photo Of The Day: European Refugee Crisis Given High Fashion Treatment In Hungary

Hungarian Migrant Chic Photoshoot

Image Source: The Mirror

High fashion and the migrant crisis have collided in Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa’s “migrant chic” new photo shoot. In the photos, viewers can see a “migrant” model being dragged away by authorities, or checking her Chanel-branded phone. A razor-wire fence reminiscent of the Hungary-Serbia border looms in the background of both. The model, Monika Jablonczky, is in various states of undress throughout the shoot, presenting a stark contrast to the conservative style of women’s dress in the Middle East.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Oktoberfest

Historic Oktoberfest Costume

The classic dress such as lederhosen, over the knee leather pants, and traditional head wear are all on full display during the costume parade. Source: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

As temperatures begin to cool and daylight hours start to dwindle, there is little better way to send summer off than by sipping a cold beer with family and friends. But what if we told you that what we recognize as Oktoberfest, the German festival which does just that and then some, was not exactly meant to last more than one week?

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Sorry, Lefties: Europe Isn’t Political Paradise

Many Americans, especially liberals who don’t get out much, tend to imagine Europe as a kind of fabled kingdom full of generous welfare benefits and strong labor unions. To these types, Europe is the kind of place where you can spend the summer living in a communal squat, dropping by the local hash dispensary, and just generally have a much better life than you would in the United States.

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