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Desert Wildflowers Breathe Life Into The Desolate

First Blooms

Source: Guy Tal

The cracked Colorado Desert doesn’t usually provide conditions favorable for blooming flowers, but every now and again, deserts do see rainfall. When that happens, certain wildflowers (such as the bee plant and scorpionweed) creep up through the cracks and decorate the landscape for a mere few days before wilting and dying in a process that can last for several years. Capturing these simultaneously fleeting yet enduring spectacles of nature is photographer Guy Tal.

Desert Wildflowers Rare Beauty

Source: Guy Tal

Desert Wildflowers Vortex

Source: Guy Tal

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Stop And Smell The Corpse Flower

Growing in the depths of Sumatran rain forests is what’s known as the Amorphophallus titanium, or corpse flower. Along with its title-bearing status as the largest flowering, single-branched plant in the world, the corpse flower is also regarded as the worst-smelling one, as its rare and beautiful bloom emits a scent similar to rotting flesh. Measuring up to ten feet tall in the wild, this putrid-smelling plant is engineered by nature to attract carrion beetles from miles away to aid in its pollination.

Corpse Flower Wide Shot

Source: Wikipedia

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXIX

Stunning Rural Landscapes Blend Reality With Dreams

For many, nature–the reality from which all of us hail–is little more than a dream in a world defined by brick, plaster and concrete. It’s easy to confuse the two, and it’s even easier to think that a return to nature within a walled world is impossible. Convening the other-worldly aspects of rural life with the realism manifest within a camera’s lens, photographer Lisa Wood presents landscapes that are palpable yet still seem, for whatever reason, entirely out of reach to us. Be sure to visit My Modern Met for more pictorial representations of heaven on Earth.

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The World’s Largest And Smelliest Flowers

The World's Largest And Smelliest Flowers Corpse Flower

Source: Hype Science

The World’s Largest And Smelliest Flowers: The Corpse Flower

Flowers are said to symbolize innocence, life and beauty. How ironic, then, that the largest of them all is evocative of death. Titan arum, or the corpse flower, exists naturally in the rain forests of Western Sumatra and in the gardens of botany big-leaguers throughout the world.

With dark purple coloring not unlike bruises and pooled blood, the corpse flower’s imposing size is as commanding as its carrion stench: at its heaviest, the imposing plant weighs in at around 165 pounds with a height of over 10 feet.

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