Take A Look At McDonalds Cup Sizes From Around The World

One large, non-diet soda (32 fluid ounces) at McDonalds is approximately 271 calories, or a little over a tenth of one’s recommended daily caloric intake. Add to that a large order of french fries and a Big Mac, and in one meal you’ve already consumed over half of that.

10 Fast Food Fiascos

Fast Food Black Burgers

Source: Bustle

Sometimes fast food in all its greasy, sodium-laden goodness can seem like a blessing from the heavens, but the truth is that for just about every divine combo comes a less-than savory snack item. Some of these misfires could’ve possibly gained footing if they’d stayed around, but others were just too absurd to entertain. Remember, the same chain that brought us the glorious chicken McNugget also thought the Japanese “all black cheeseburger” was a move of marketing genius.

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How Quickly Your Burger “Ages”

If at any point in your life you’ve had internet access, you’re sure to have encountered the spurious claim that fast food burgers are so filled with preservatives that they won’t decompose. But is that true?

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