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Your World This Week, Jan. 10 – 16

This week in health and medicine: Why pizza boxes are bad for your health, New York says hello to medical marijuana, and bisexuality is on the rise while cancer death rates drop.

Why Pizza Boxes May Be Worse For Your Health Than Pizza

Pizza Boxes

Image Source: Flickr

Last week, the FDA banned three chemicals often used as oil repellents in paper and cardboard food containers (not to mention products as varied as shoes and electronics). And one of the most common places you’ll find these chemicals, part of a group called PFASs, is in pizza boxes.

The FDA report was rather reserved, stating only that “there is no longer a reasonable certainty of no harm” (echoing what other researchers and manufacturers have been saying for years now). Similarly, the FDA was not specific about the health problems that PFASs can cause, although related chemicals have been known to cause thyroid disease and high blood pressure.

Objections to last week’s ban can still be submitted into early next month, and then there will of course be some lag time as manufacturers make the necessary adjustments. So, for now, if you plan on getting take-out pizza, just know the risks. Read more at Quartz.

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Photo Of The Day: Before The War On Christmas, There Was The War On Thanksgiving

Roosevelt Thanksgiving

Franklin D. Roosevelt celebrating what critics called “Franksgiving.” Image Source: The Huffington Post

When thinking about how the United States is divided over holiday issues, the manufactured “War on Christmas” is easily the first thing that comes to mind. But back in 1939, the government actually was trying to change a holiday – but that holiday was Thanksgiving.

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Photo Of The Day: Meet Your 2015 Presidentially Pardoned Turkey

Tom One Gets The Pardon

Tom One is chosen as the next turkey to be pardoned by the president at Foster Farms in Modesto, Calif. Image Source: The Modesto Bee

An outgoing personality, fluffed up good looks and knowing how to strut your stuff can get you a presidential pardon—take Tom One for example, a Foster Farms turkey chosen for the presidential turkey pardoning of 2015 in front of a group of 5th graders in Modesto, Calif. The annual presidential turkey pardoning is one of America’s most bizarre holiday traditions, right up there with Groundhog Day, but with more big business and less history. Despite the news media covering the event as if it’s as American as the constitution, turkey pardoning has a relatively short history.

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Photo Of The Day: Thanksgiving On The International Space Station

Thanksgiving On Iss

Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov (left) and Mikhail Tyurin eating their Thanksgiving meal on board the International Space Station in 2005.
Image Source: Daily Mail

How does irradiated turkey, freeze-dried green beans, re-hydrated potatoes, thermostabilized yams, cobbler and liquid salt and pepper sound for a Thanksgiving feast? If you’re not into it, then perhaps you shouldn’t spend the November holiday on the International Space Station (ISS).

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