The Heavens As Seen From Mauna Kea, Hawaii

With minimal pollution or cloud coverage obscuring the ethereal views and a nice 14,000-feet extension into the sky to bring them that much closer, Mauna Kea is regarded by many as the premiere observatory in the Northern Hemisphere. The sights you see are the result of one dedicated photographer’s time lapse of the area, spanning for three days in April. Enjoy.

The Vivid Visuals From Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Milky Way Mauna Kea

Source: Andrew Hara

Considered sacred by locals and scientists alike, the pristine peaks of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea have proven contentious. Given its high altitude and excellent air flow, Mauna Kea is considered one of the world’s finest astronomical observation sites and as such thirteen massive telescopes have been constructed by eleven different countries. To local Hawaiians, though, the much-revered volcanic peaks were reserved solely for the eyes of high-ranking tribal chiefs. Naturally, the tension between scientific research and cultural tradition in the region has been widespread, pernicious and persistent.

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