The Mask Of Sorrow Hanging Solemnly Over A Former Soviet “Paradise”

Mask Of Sorrow

Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn opened his classic Gulag Archipelago with the vision of a salamander being discovered–and perfectly preserved–in a frozen stream.

The salamander, forgotten in ice for tens of thousands of years, was made “present” thanks to critical inquiry. By studying the salamander, we are reminded of our heritage; our understanding of history and the subtle distinctions among past, present and future become much more acute. Such is the goal of science; such is the goal Solzenitsyn’s vital tome on the horrors of the gulag; such is the purpose of the Mask of Sorrow, the statue seen above.

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Your World This Week, Volume IV

Car Bomb Afghanistan

The aftermath of the bombing near Khost, Afghanistan. Source: The Independent

Bombings Rock Iraq, Afghanistan

A small, but terribly destructive, wave of bombings hit Iraq on Sunday, leaving 35 dead and 100 wounded. Deadliest among the attacks was a car bomb coupled with a suicide bomb that killed 19 in the Shaab neighborhood of Baghdad. However, smaller attacks killed several others across the city throughout the day as well. While ISIS is, naturally, the key suspect, the group has not yet made any claims of responsibility.

Also on Sunday a car bomb killed 25 and wounded 10 near Khost, Afghanistan. The area is home to a military base that holds some American soldiers, although the U.S. military has officially stated that none of its personnel were injured.

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