This Top-Secret 1950s Bunker Reminds Us Just How Afraid People Were During The Cold War

Deep underground in Konjic sits a 70,000 square foot bunker – one of the most expensive structures ever constructed in what was once Yugoslavia. This long abandoned ‘safe-house’ took 26 years to build (from 1953-1979), and was constructed by former Yugoslavian revolutionary leader Josip Broz Tito to shelter himself, his family, and key communist leaders in the event of nuclear war.

The facility, once a deeply held secret in Yugoslavia, is only accessible through the sole entrance, which is concealed by a nondescript garage door of a remote and unassuming house at the end of a little-used road in Konjic. Though it’s been decades since construction, and even the end of the Cold War – the bunker is still up-kept with a working air conditioning system, power generator and toilets. Even the water containment cistern is filled with fresh water. You know, for “just in case.”

1950s Bunker Sealed Doorway

Still not publicly accessible by any means, you need direct permission from the current Ministry of Defense to gain entrance into the bunker. Source: The Telegraph

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What Jewish Life Looked Like Before the Holocaust

Jewish Life Roman Vishniac

The photographer himself, amid some of the people he was attempting to rescue from poverty. Source: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Exploring photographer Roman Vishniac’s archives of Jewish life before the Holocaust is to contemplate just how quickly politics and propaganda can transform—or eviscerate—an entire culture. In 1935, Vishniac began to photo-document impoverished Jewish communities in order to secure aid for them through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. There are about 9,000 photo negatives in Vishniac’s archive, but only 350 of them were printed in the span of his lifetime.

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Jewish Life Desk

Sharing school books at heder: 1935-38. Source: The New Yorker

Jewish Life Unseparated Shots

Many unseparated shots from the archive. Source: Art Blart

Jewish Life Berlin Zoo

Inside the Berlin zoo: Early 1930s. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life NY Theater

Dancers Emily Frankel and Mark Ryder, New York: early 1950s. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Rail Station Berlin

Inside the Anhalter Bahnhof, a railway station in Berlin: early 1930s. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Washing Windows

Shop woman washing the windows of Mandtler and Neumann Speditionen in Vienna: 1930s. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Applicant

Emigration applicant meeting with an agent from the Aid Society of German Jews: 1937-38. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Beach

A day at the beach in Nice, France: 1939. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Movies

German family leaving the movie theater, Berlin: early 1930s. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Schoolchildren

A flurry of happy children’s faces, Mukacevo: 1935-1938. Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Jewish Life Kindling

Warsaw Boy in front of kindling in a basement dwelling: 1935–38. Source: Art News

Jewish Life Hitler Poster

Vishniac’s own daughter Mara in front of an election poster for Hindenburg and Hitler that says, “The Marshal and the Corporal: Fight with Us for Peace and Equal Rights,” Berlin: 1933. Source: Art News

Jewish Life Rubble

Boy standing atop a giant pile of rubble, Berlin: 1947. Source: Art News

Jewish Life Building School

Young Zionists building a school and foundry while learning construction techniques, The Netherlands: 1939. Source: Art News

Jewish Life Motor Boy

Boys gathered in admiration of a motorcycle, Brandenburg: early 1930s. Source: Art News

Jewish Life Stroller Street

Berlin street photography; notice the swastika flag on the storefront: 1935-36. Source: Art Blart

Jewish Life Elementary School

David Eckstein, seven years old, and his elementary school classmates in heder: 1935-38. Source: Art Blart

Jewish Life Soup Kitchen

A worker in a Jewish soup kitchen: mid to late 1930s. Source: Art Blart

Jewish Life Berlin Dog Walk

A Berlin street scene: 1926. Source: Art Blart

Jewish Life Stoop

Enjoying some time outdoors: date unknown. Source: Wordpress

Jewish Life Bath Time

Bath time for siblings at home: date unknown. Source: Wordpress

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What Love Looked Like During The Vietnam War

Vietnam War Love Letter

When you’re plucked from home and dropped into a hostile environment for reasons hard to truly understand, not even the smell of paper is taken for granted. Seen here is PFC Richie, sniffing a perfumed letter sent to him in 1966 from his girlfriend in Jay, Oklahoma.

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