Photo Farewells: The Last Known Photographs Of 15 Icons

August 14, 2014

If one holds stock in cliches, then it is true that pictures are worth a thousand words. But when said picture is someone’s last known photograph, that proposed value increases immensely. Naturally, our fascination with celebrity icons and the culture they reflect and create extends to their final images caught on film. Some may consider seeking these photos out to be a morbid pastime, others would see it as a remembrance, but these sorts of photos undoubtedly serve as a reminder of our own mortality; that even the best and brightest of us are not immune to the inevitable. We may try to see some telling truth in their eyes, some lesson to take from their lives.

Below are the final known photographs of several celebrities and well-known figures whose time ran out too soon, whose demons led to unspeakable tragedy, and whose reign of terror ended before they had the opportunity to unleash any more cruelty onto the world.

Last Known Photographs: John Lennon

The final photograph of John Lennon captures the former Beatles front-man signing an autograph for his soon to be killer, Mark David Chapman. Chapman, also pictured, would return to the musician’s apartment a few hours later and shoot him several times as Lennon returned home with wife Yoko Ono.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Last Known Photographs Hoffman

Source: HTML Giant

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Amazing Pyramids That Aren’t From Egypt

August 13, 2014
Meroe Pyramids Sunset

The Meroe Pyramids at dusk Source: 500PX

When most people think of pyramids, their minds instantly go to Egypt. After all, all of the most famous pyramids are located there. However, Egypt does not corner the market completely. These ancient structures have been built all over the world and there are some astonishing examples that can be found in Asia, America and even Europe.

Amazing Pyramids: Nubian Pyramids

Amazing Pyramids Sudan Meroe

Pyramids of Meroe Source: World All Details

For starters, we aren’t traveling very far from Egypt. In fact, we are just visiting its southern neighbor, Sudan. Back when this region was known as Nubia, it was ruled over by the Kingdom of Kush. While the Kushite Kingdoms ruled, they centered their capital in three different locations: Kerma, Napata and Meroe. They’ve also built pyramids in each area.

Amazing Pyramids Sudan Kurru

Pyramids at the cemetery of el-Kurru Source: Narmar

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Moscow, The 1957 Host Of The World Festival Of Youth And Students

August 12, 2014

World Festival Youth And Students 1957 Moscow

Organized by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the International Union of Students, the sixth festival held in Moscow drew the highest number of attendees–34,000 people from 130 countries–ever.

This was the first time the Soviet Union had opened its doors to such an event, and that was only made possible due to what is now known as Nikki Khrushchev’s “Thaw”, a period when he began to permit foreigners to visit and interact (albeit while supervised) with natives.

Music and musicians from all around the world congregated here, and would do so relatively frequently in Socialist countries, seeing as massive amounts of expenditures were needed to successfully carry out youth festivals of this size. Interestingly enough–and perhaps one of the more subtle, lingering reasons why some conservatives dislike festivals today–by the 1960s the US State Department had accused these festivals of being a tool of radical politics and Communist propaganda. Open dialogue, it seems, is a bad thing.

John Dillinger: The Making Of A Rock Star Bank Robber

August 7, 2014
John Dillinger Smirk

Evolution of Dillinger’s trademark smirk: Dillinger as a teen with his father on the left, and on the right in what is perhaps his most famous mug shot Sources: Wikipedia and Blogspot

July 22 was the 80th anniversary of John Dillinger’s violent death. During the Great Depression, due to his many bank robberies and escapes from prison, he became the burgeoning FBI’s Public Enemy #1.

Dillinger entered the crime world early on in his life. To impress a girl on a date, a young John Dillinger stole a car. When he was caught and the policeman didn’t believe his vague answers, Dillinger ran. Knowing it wouldn’t be safe to return home, he joined the Navy. Being an outlaw at heart–he soon went AWOL for good.

John Dillinger Navy

John Dillinger, far left, with some Navy buddies Source: Google

That didn’t last too long, though. Dillinger deserted the vessel some months after joining, and was eventually dishonorably discharged from the Navy. He then went back home to Mooresville, Indiana, where he then met a sixteen-year-old girl named Beryl Hovious. He married her in April 1924.

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What American Grocery Stores Looked Like In 1942

August 4, 2014
Lincoln Nebraska Grocery 1942

Source: Shorpy

Kodachrome. Nebraska. 1942. The way life once was: fresh produce as a surplus commodity and priced as such. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a pound of oranges will cost you around a dollar and some coins.

27 Shocking Images Of The Israel-Gaza Conflict

July 31, 2014

Dark times have befallen the people of the Gaza Strip, a Detroit-sized area of land that is at the center of some of the most devastating, heated Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the world. While the Israel-Gaza conflict is unfortunately not a new one, recent developments have sent tensions soaring even higher than before, as Israel continues to launch airstrikes into densely packed cities and neighborhoods filled predominantly with civilians. In the past couple of weeks alone, Israeli airstrikes have hit mosques, hospitals and even schools. As fighting intensifies, the death toll continues to rise. Here are some of the most shocking pictures of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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Israel-Gaza Conflict Strikes School

Source: NPR

Crisis in Israel

Source: Channel 4

Child Struck by Bombs

Source: Levantium

Gaza-Israel Conflict From Space

Picture of the Israel-Gaza Conflict from Space. Source: NBC News

Israeli War at Night

Source: CP24

Israel-Gaza Conflict Creates Ruins

Source: Vice

Palestinians Pray Despite Airstrikes

Source: CP24

Blood Spilled in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Source: NBC News

Airstrikes on Gaza Continue


Palestinians Mourn Gaza Airstrikes

Source: news.168

Military in Israeli-Gaza Conflict

Source: Vox

Israel-Gaza Conflict Shocks Boy

Source: CTV News

Injured Bystanders

Source: Slate

Civilians Hide in Israel-Gaza Conflict

Source: CNN

Israel-Gaza Crisis

Source: Vox

Bombing is Israel-Gaza Crisis

Source: World Review

Children in Gaza Ruins

Source: NPR

Hiding from Gaza Airstrikes

Source: AOL

Baby in Israel-Gaza Bombing

Source: BBC

Aftermath of the Israel-Gaza Crisis

Source: Teak Door

For more of a historical perspective on the conflict, be sure to watch the animated video we have posted.