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Then And Now: London’s Most Visited Landmark, From Prostitutes To Tourists

Vintage Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, London, 1949. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

London’s Piccadilly Circus has been a heavily trafficked thoroughfare for about 200 years. Since its construction, it has seen a plethora of changes and additions to the classic architecture of its buildings and roadway, but it has remained one of the most recognized intersections in the world with around 100 million tourists visiting annually (which — although it’s a thoroughfare as opposed to a destination in the strictest sense — probably makes it London’s most visited landmark).

It has served as everything from a center for art and culture to a WWII prostitutes’ hangout to its current iteration as a profitable tourist attraction. And while, through all those changes, its crowded streets have never been easy to navigate, it remains a staple on the list of places to visit in London.

Piccadilly Circus Now

Piccadilly Circus, London, 2012. Image Source: YouTube

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Five Astounding Survival Stories That Prove That Death Is Only An Option

Even when faced with the likes of shipwreck, cannibalism, bear attack, or a six-and-a-half-mile free fall, the human will to survive never ceases to amaze. These five tales are the proof.

Survival Stories

Vesna Vulović stayed alive after her plane exploded in mid-air. World War II commando Jan Baalsrud swam, with one boot, through Arctic water after the Germans sunk his boat. Hugh Glass survived a bear attack and even managed to kill the bear. Anna Bågenholm found an air pocket and kept breathing for 40 minutes after she became trapped in frozen water beneath an ice sheet. Owen Chase’s boating crew survived two whale attacks and an island engulfed in flames.

But in all of these cases, what happened next is the truly amazing part. These five astounding survival stories will have you believing in the indomitable, indefatigable will of the human spirit, or the astounding heights of dumb luck, or both…

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5 Historical Examples Of Why “One Man, One Woman” Has Never Been The Only Option

Homosexuality is often regarded as aberrant behavior, but history shows us that this is a relatively recent phenomenon.


Same-sex relationships and institutions are not as uncommon as some would like you to think.

We live in a world that is slowly granting the same rights to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Some have obviously—and publicly—balked at the gradual, legislative move toward equality, calling homosexuality and other “non-traditional” partnerships unnatural, inhuman, and worse. But if history is to serve as any sort of guide, it will tell us that “non-traditional” pairings is hardly a new idea…

The Six Dates That You Should Know For Black History Month

Black History Month starts today. Here’s how it got started, and some dates you should know.

Black History Month Og

Important leaders to remember during Black History Month. From left: Rosa Parks, Bernard Harris, Hiram Revels. Image Source: Wikipedia

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, and we assure you it does not — as actress Stacey Dash asserted on the TV show Fox & Friends — have anything to do with segregating a portion of the United States’ population. Rather, it commemorates the achievements of black Americans in national history.

How Black History Month got started

In 1926, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History sponsored a national Negro History Week. The group chose the second week of February since it coincides with Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’s birthdays. The logic for Black History Month, according to Black History Month “father” and historian Carter G. Woodson, was clear: “If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.”

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