The Tragic Heroism Of Gisella Perl, “The Angel of Auschwitz”

Forced to work for the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, Gisella Perl risked all to save as many lives as she could. This is her incredible, heartbreaking story.

Gisella Perl

Gisella Perl with a baby. Image Source: Wikipedia

We have previously shared the story of Stanislawa LeszczyƄska, a midwife at Auschwitz who delivered almost 3,000 babies while imprisoned in the concentration camp.

But while Stanislawa delivered infants, another Jewish medical professional risked her life to save the lives of other women in Auschwitz: a gynecologist named Dr. Gisella Perl. Under the watchful, evil eye of Dr. Josef Mengele, Perl realized that in order to save the lives of the women in her care, she could not safely deliver babies like Stanislawa. Instead, Perl performed abortions.

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The Even Worse Story Hiding Behind Those New Adolf Hitler Sex Fetish Reports

Hitler Sex

Adolf Hitler and Geli Raubal, the woman at the center of the newly rediscovered reports about Hitler’s sexual behavior. Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left), Wikimedia Commons (right).

For the second time in three weeks — following the micropenis rumors — the Internet is abuzz with sordid stories about the sex life of Adolf Hitler. And, once again, the “news” cycle has been stirred up by old, and tenuous, news. And this time, it’s both really old and really tenuous.

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Six World-Changing Inventions You’ve Been Crediting To The Wrong Person

From the telephone to the light bulb and beyond, these six essential inventions weren’t actually created by the famous inventors who got credit for them. Here’s who should have made the history books.

While the light bulb may be the quintessential human invention — not to mention the very symbol of inspiration itself — the process of invention couldn’t be further from flipping a light switch. Invention is a slow, gradual grind, with one inventor carefully building off the achievements of the last until we finally have the product that history has decided is the invention.

However, once we have that invention, we tend to forget all those inventors that came before, and instead pretend that that last inventor in the chain conjured brilliance from nothing, turning darkness into light.

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Photo Of The Day: Why This Woman Conquered Niagara Falls In A Pickle Barrel

Annie Edson Taylor

Annie Edson Taylor, the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel, pictured here with her preferred mode of transportation. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In 1901, it wasn’t Evel Knievel, Johnny Knoxville, or any other man who was challenging modern conventions with unthinkable stunts. It was a 63-year-old schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor.

On October 24, 1901, Taylor became the first woman to travel (and survive) a trip down Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. Although she claimed to be in her 40s, it was in fact her 63rd birthday.

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