Operation Downfall, The Allies’ Abandoned Plan To Invade Japan

February 12, 2014

Allies Plan To Invade Japan Downfall

What would have been the largest amphibious operation in human history had it taken place, Operation Downfall served as the Allied Forces’ plan to invade Japan at its southernmost main island and expand northward from there. However, the operation failed to materialize after the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and the Nagasaki bombings led to the Japanese’ surrender.

Shirley Temple: America’s Golden Child Remembered

February 12, 2014

While the world is still reeling from the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, yet another beloved actor recently passed away. Shirley Temple—known as Shirley Temple Black after her marriage in 1950—is best known as the joyous, dimple-bearing kiddo who starred in numerous movies, including The Little Princess, Heidi and Curly Top. Temple died late Monday in her home in Woodside, California at the age of 85.

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The Funeral Of Mikhail Kalashnikov

February 10, 2014

Funeral Mikhail Kalashnikov

Credited for conceiving and producing the AK-47 for Russian forces during World War II, toward the twilight of his life Mikhail Kalashnikov had to grapple with the weapon’s legacy. Finding itself in the hands of militants, terrorists, African child soldiers and Al Qaeda members alike, Kalashnikov penned letters to the United Nations regarding the illicit small arms trade and apparently waxed to the Church about his responsibility in others’ deaths. Said Kalashnikov, “If my rifle took lives, does it mean that I am guilty of those people’s deaths, even if they were enemies?”

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s 7 Greatest Movie Roles

February 5, 2014

The world mourned this Sunday when the media reported that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York City apartment. Although police have yet to release the autopsy report, due to the circumstances in which he was found, Hoffman is thought to have died from a fatal heroin overdose at the age of 46.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Gets Golden Globe

Source: LA Times

Despite the mourning that has marked the wake of Hoffman’s death, friends, fans and family members may find solace in the rich legacy he’s left behind, much of it caught on film. IMDB credits Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor in 63 films or television shows. Here, we pay him homage as we count down 7 of Hoffman’s greatest acting roles, including video clips of each top movie.

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The Moving Flight 772 Memorial, As Seen Through Google Maps

February 2, 2014
Air Memorial

Source: Viral Nova

It was a plane passenger’s worst nightmare. On September 19th, 1989, a bomb was stowed among the cargo of UTA Flight 772; a bomb that would claim the lives of all 170 passengers. While the Congo-based bird was destined for Paris, the plane would touch down not in the city of lights but the endless sands of the Sahara desert. What would transpire 18 years later would quite literally put a small area of the world’s third largest desert on the map; more specifically on Google Maps and Google Earth, where its majesty has been captured by satellite technology.

Flight 772 Charred Wreckage

Source: Daily Mail

Crash Site

Source: Daily Mail

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The World According To The Ottoman Empire

January 31, 2014

Ottoman Map Of World 1803

For lacking sophisticated cartography instruments, the Ottomans didn’t do too bad of a job in sketching their understanding of the world. Some fun trivia: in this map, India translates as “Hindustan”, and while Antarctica is not present, the phrase “Southern Frozen Surrounding Sea” is included toward the map’s bottom.