10 American History Myths You Probably Believe

Despite its brevity, US history has provided us with numerous colorful characters and significant events to examine. From quirky inventors to red-blooded patriots, the annals of this country’s history are filled with wondrous tales and exploits of those before us. And, of course, more than a few myths have snuck their way in, as well.

1. Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

American Myths Revere

“One if by land, two if by sea”. That part was true. Source: Britannica

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Famous Historical Moments That Were Photoshopped

Famous Photoshopped Photos Churchill

Source: Kings Of War

When anyone is in a position of power, public perception becomes either your foundation, or a tidal wave that will swallow you and your legacy whole. Which means, of course, that PR becomes an incredibly important tool to have in your arsenal. This is why all public figures have countless advisors and managers whose only job is to look after the images of their superior. They do not only reflect the powerful’s persona to the masses, after all; they create it.

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Going Out In Style: Famous Last Words Of 19 Greats

Many of us worry about how we will be remembered after we are gone. We would like to go out in style, maybe impart a nugget of wisdom as our final act. However, most don’t have the luxury of knowing when the end is at hand, let alone ensuring there’s someone around to actually hear whatever we might like to say. Those who do are a lucky few. Of course, it’s impossible to know with certainty how accurate these send-offs are, but they do make for memorably famous last words:

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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill's Last Words

Winston Churchill was known for his dry wit, so you’d expect him to go out with a short and bitter line. He didn’t disappoint. Churchill left this world after declaring, “I’m bored with it all”. Source: The Mirror

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Known for her brusqueness, Crawford apparently told her housekeeper, "Don't you dare ask God to help me" before dying. Source: Brother Soft

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich

Shedding your mortal coil with humor is always a nice route to take. Drummer Buddy Rich died after surgery in 1987, but before that, his nurse asked Rich if there was anything he was allergic to. He replied, “Yeah, country music”. Source: All About Jazz

Pancho Villa

Famous Last Words Pancho

As mentioned above, we don’t all have time to prepare a memorable epitaph for ourselves. This is perfectly illustrated by Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. After being gunned down, his last words were “Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.” Source: Wikipedia

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Famous Last Words Arthur Doyle

Sometimes less is more. Sherlock Holmes’ creator died at age 71. His last words were a simple confession of love to his wife: “You are wonderful”. Source: Google

George Harrison

George Harrison's Last Words

The zen Beatle George Harrison: "Love one another.”

James French

James French Execution

One group of people’s last words are always recorded – executed criminals. Few of them have last words worth sharing, with the possible exception of murderer James French. As his final act, he came up with a great headline for the journalists in the audience: “French fries!” Source: Huffington Post

W.C. Fields

Famous Last Words W.C. Fields

Comedian W.C. Fields found a way to be sweet and acerbically funny at the same time. His last words were to his lover, Carlotta Monti. He said “God damn the whole friggin’ world and everyone in it but you, Carlotta.” Source: Pix Good

Chico Marx


Some people are particular, even in death. Chico Marx’s last words were instructions to his wife: “Remember, Honey, don’t forget what I told you. Put in my coffin a deck of cards, a mashie niblick, and a pretty blonde.” Source: Brothersoft

Groucho Marx

Famous Last Words Groucho Marx

While we’re talking about the Marx brothers, the one-liner machine Groucho left us with a witty gem, being “This is no way to live!” Source: Gallery Hip

Bing Crosby

Famous Last Words Of Bing Crosby

There’s nothing like looking back on a life well lived on your deathbed. Or, as Bing Crosby would put it, "That was a great game of golf fellas!" Source: Post Haste Digital


Voltaire's Last Words

Even on the cusp of death, Voltaire couldn't be wooed by religion. When asked to renounce the devil by a priest, Voltaire said "This is no time to be making new enemies”.

Leonardo da Vinci

Last Words Of Da Vinci

The trouble with being a perfectionist is that you are never satisfied with your work, not even on your deathbed. Da Vinci’s final words were a modest proclamation - “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” Source: Thinkjar Collective

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Jean-Philippe Rameau Deathbed Quote

Once a composer, always a composer. Jean-Philippe Rameau’s last words were a complaint regarding the singing prowess of his priest - “What the devil do you mean to sing to me, priest? You are out of tune.” Source: OAE

Laurence Olivier

Laurence Olivier

The famed Shakespearean actor was in a hospital bed when a nurse spilled some water on him by mistake. Fitting to his career, his last words were “This isn’t Hamlet, you know. It’s not meant to go in my bloody ear.” Source: Fanpop



Nostradamus said to his secretary “Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here”. That’s one prediction he got right. Source: Biografie Online


Final Words Of Mozart

As an artist, it’s only fitting that Mozart final words were quite poetic - “The taste of death is upon my lips. I feel something that is not of this earth.” Source: Open Culture

Marie Antoinette

Last Words Of Marie Antoinette

While she was being taken to the guillotine to be executed, Marie Antoinette stepped on the foot of her executioner. Her last words were “Pardonnez-moi, monsieur” (Excuse, me, sir). Source: Vintspiration

Arnold Rothstein

Famous Last Words Arnold

One of the golden rules of gangsters is not to snitch, and that’s a rule that Jewish kingpin Arnold “The Brain” Rothstein took to heart. After he was gunned down and on his deathbed, Rothstein was asked by the cops to identify his killers. He refused, simply stating – “Me mudder (my mother) did it!” Source: Vox

Jack Daniel

Jack Daniels Last Words

More fitting words were never spoken. Whisky distiller Jack Daniel’s last words were “one last drink, please”. Source: iBuzz

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