Abandoned Olympics Sites Cast Dark Shadow On The Beloved Event

February 24, 2014
Abandoned Olympics Beijing Beach Volleyball

Source: io9

It’s almost unfathomable that after all the commotion and emotions packed into the Olympics have gone by the wayside, only an architectural echo of the games will remain. Given the competition, costs and sacrifices made to host the centuries-old athletic ritual in one’s city, it’s difficult to look at these dilapidated former Olympic villages without questioning the motives of Olympics hosts—and for that matter, the event’s message.

These images are a reminder of how fleeting the excitement of the Olympics is, as well as the controversy some former hosts have since endured. Even in the span of six short years, the structures created for the 2008 Beijing Olympics resemble a ghost town more than they do a $40 billion village built to house and honor the world’s most promising athletes.

Beijing Baseball Field

Source: The Blaze

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The World’s Craziest Weather And The Mythology That Explained It

February 22, 2014
World's Craziest Weather

Source: Fan Pop

While higher-order human thinking naturally places humans at the top of the food chain, in the end, nothing can stand in weather’s way. Wind, precipitation, sunshine, temperature and clouds all comprise the term weather, the state of the atmosphere. Over time, scientists have developed a deeper understanding of weather patterns and can predict when certain weather phenomena will occur. Before science shaped our understanding of the weather, however, ancient cultures used stories, folklore and mythology to explain the world’s craziest weather occurrences.

Craziest Weather Phenomenon No. 1: Tornadoes

Craziest Weather Tornado Touches Down

Source: USucceed

Thunderstorms are behind much of the world’s craziest weather, including tornadoes. These deadly twisters arise when a horizontally rotating column of air forms from wind blowing at different speeds and altitudes. Eventually that air column gets caught in a supercell updraft, where its spin tightens and speeds up, eventually forming a funnel cloud. These funnel clouds are easily visible in the sky.

Craziest Weather Tornado Forming

Source: Demilked

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Inside The Multi-Million Dollar Parisian Time Capsule

February 21, 2014
Time Capsule Living Room

Source: Demilked

France, 1942 – Nazi Germany occupies Paris. A frightened woman hurriedly gathers all the possessions she can carry and takes one last look around her lavish apartment. The south of France will be safer, she reassures herself. German soldiers have been raiding apartments for days in the Pigalle red light district and with each seized apartment they’re getting closer to hers. She picks up a battered suitcase and closes the door for the last time. It won’t be opened again for 70 years.

Time Capsule Mirror

Source: Demilked

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What We Love This Week, Volume LIII

February 21, 2014
Wind Faces Braces

Source: Design Faves

Hilarious Portraits Brought To You By Wind

Wind Faces Beard

Source: Design Faves

Who says that all photography has to be “about” something? Utilizing high-speed wind, his good sense of humor and his subjects’ open-mindedness, photographer Jonathan Robert Willis has crafted a series of photos that are flat-out hilarious. Willis aptly dubbed the series “Wind”, and in each shot, models posed in front of a blower for 15 minutes while Willis captured their rather contorted mugs. Suffice it to say that the pictorial spread is much-welcomed by us not so photogenic folk. Design Faves has even more of Willis’ work for your perusal.

Wind Faces Teeth

Source: Design Faves

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15 Shocking Photos from the Ukraine Protests

February 21, 2014
Ukraine on the Brink of Civil War

Ukraine inches closer to civil war. Source: Newsweek

This past week, images of the bruised, broken bodies of thousands of Ukrainian protesters shocked the world. After a standoff that had lasted for months, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych authorized security forces to fight Ukrainian protesters with force, a decision that claimed the lives of many. Using stun grenades, water canons and firearms to quell dissent, Kiev’s once-pristine Independence Square has quickly fallen into a bloody, peace-forsaken war zone.

Protesters at the Ukraine Protests

Source: Cleveland

Anti-Government Protester Holds Crucifix

Source: Cleveland

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25 Unpublished Photos From National Geographic’s Archives

February 16, 2014
Gramophone Dog 1911

During an expedition of the South Pole, a dog enjoys the gramophone, 1911

To honor its 125th year of publication, the iconic yet ever-evolving National Geographic magazine has released many never-before-seen photographs from its archives via an incredibly user-friendly and modern Tumblr account. The professionally curated collection of these photos goes by the name of FOUND, and gives us a clear vision (often startlingly so) of lost decades and cultures that may seem unreal against a present-day backdrop.

Below is a highlighted collection of 25 time-capsule images that were once lost, but now are FOUND.

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