An Amazing Vintage Photo Of Mardi Gras In New Orleans

Mardi Gras New Orleans 1938

Perhaps one of the only festivals in the world that overtly condones hedonism in the name of the Lord, a group of voluptuous men can be seen baring all to the camera–or as much as “all” would socially allow in the early 20th century–in 1938.

50 Influential Photographs That Changed Our World

Kosovar refugee Agim Shala, 2, is passed through a barbed wire fence into the hands of grandparents at a camp run by United Arab Emirates in Kukes, Albania.

Apollo 11 crew members capture mankind’s first physical brush with the moon in July, 1969.

Influential Photographs Man On Moon

Source: SD Wall Pic

Robert Capa immortalizes the treatment of French women who were believed to have been Nazi collaborators during liberation “ugly carnivals” in 1944, France.

Influential Photographs Shaming Nazi Collaborators

Source: Joe Humphrey

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The Secrets Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

It would be easy to blame author Dan Brown and his blockbuster book and subsequent movie, “The Da Vinci Code”, for renewed public interest in the mysteries surrounding the world’s most famous portrait. The novel imagines all sorts of keys in the artist’s work that unlock mysteries of the ages. But even before Brown published his fictional tome, Mona Lisa has been an object of scrutiny for 500 years as scholars have tried to find answers to questions raised by the masterpiece.

Mona Lisa Full Portrait

Source: Wikimedia

Researchers are currently lifting and testing bone sets from an Italian convent in hopes of identifying the remains of Lisa Gherardini, whom many believe to be the portrait’s subject. Those involved with the project to exhume her remains and use the skull to reconstruct her face say it will prove with more certainty that Mona Lisa is who they think she is, the wife of a Florentine silk merchant. DNA results may be completed as early as June.

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