Better Know A Pope: Clement V

The story of Pope Clement V really begins with his patron, Philip IV (the Fair) of France. Philip spent the first 20 years of his reign, during the late 13th century, overspending on war with the English and court finery back at home. By the early 1300s, his treasury was in trouble and some solution needed to be found. Pope Boniface VIII even condemned Philip for being reckless with money.

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Better Know A Saint: Cyril Of Alexandria

Saint Cyril Lead

Source: Wikimedia

Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria between 414 and 444, was a leg breaker for Jesus. During his career, he outmaneuvered and ruined pagan philosophers, Roman politicians, and rival Christians in his quest for ideological purity and ever-greater power within the early Church. That he was eventually canonized for his characteristic single-minded brutality speaks volumes about the spirit of his age.

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Las Médulas: Splitting Mountains In Search Of Spanish Gold

Las Medulas Sublime Vista

Las Médulas is a place of profound beauty with a surprising past. Source: Flickr

The Romans marched into Iberia in the second century BCE. The ruins of their architectural achievements are still scattered around the country, in Segovia, Mérida, Tarragona, Zaragoza, and many other places.

Las Médulas also bears a quiet testimony to the power of the empire. The mining site is located in the northwest of Spain, near where the region of Castilla y León meets the border of Galicia. The landscape here rises and falls in low, green mountains with slashes of orange cutting across them. These orange slashes are the scars of the Roman mining operations.

Las Médulas is where the Romans searched for gold. And they found it by tearing through the mountains of this verdant corner of Spain. According to ancient estimates, the Romans removed around 20,000 libra of gold from Spain each year, which converts to about 6,600 kilograms or 14,500 pounds. At current prices, this amount of gold is worth more than $27 million.

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Your World This Week, Vol. II

NYC Pride

Sign at 2015 NYC Pride Parade. Source: Fast Company

What’s Next For The LGBT Movement In The United States?

In a historic 5-4 decision, last Thursday the Supreme Court ruled on Obergefell v. Hodges that all states must allow gay couples to marry. LGBT communities and allies were rightly ecstatic, and celebrated accordingly. However, a win for marriage equality does not necessarily mean a resolution to the systemic inequalities that many homosexual and trans individuals face every day. For instance, according to the Center for American Progress, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women are more likely to live in poverty than their heterosexual and non-transgender counterparts, and are at increased risk of sexual assault.

To learn more about what LGBT organizations are fighting for besides marriage, be sure to read this article at the Daily Beast. Below, check out “Last Week Tonight” footage of John Oliver ripping LGBT “supporters” a new one for the invasive, unthoughtful questions they pose:

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