Revisiting Dana Lixenberg and Jeffersonville, Indiana

March 28, 2014

The pages of Jeffersonville, Indiana are filled with portraits of homeless individuals. And yet, you won’t find images of these people standing on street corners or huddled beneath doorsteps. When photographer Dana Lixenberg set out to capture the essence of these men, women and children, she decided to shoot them away from their circumstances. The result is a book full of stark, stripped-down images that are focused on people and their personalities—their homelessness does not define them.

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Al Capone’s Soup Kitchen

March 26, 2014

Al Capones Soup Kitchen

As US officials inched ever closer to infiltrating and apprehending Al Capone in 1930, the infamous gangster decided that it was high time to generate some good publicity while he still could. Thus, Capone opened up a soup kitchen in one of Chicago’s poorest and most crime filled neighborhoods. On Thanksgiving, Capone famously fed over 5,000 of the Windy City’s most vulnerable constituents. Things went as planned–at least for a time–and the press lauded the gangster for his charitable endeavors. Ultimately, though, this positive coverage only enraged the feds, who then ordered closer surveillance of Capone. A little under a year later, Capone’s new home was the slammer.

40 Years Of The Cellphone In Under 90 Seconds

March 25, 2014

Cellphones are so ubiquitous now that we don’t consider them so much an external device as we do an extension of ourselves. Take a moment to reminisce in our digital appendage’s incredibly clunky origins and evolution.

Carl Sagan Writes Neil DeGrasse Tyson

March 24, 2014

Carl Sagan Writes Neil DeGrasse Tyson

This exchange is the stuff of scientific and cultural legend. When Neil DeGrasse Tyson accepted Sagan’s invitation and spent a Saturday touring Cornell University labs with the famed astrophysicist, his life was irrevocably changed.

A 17 year old when he met Sagan for the first time at Cornell University, Tyson later described the encounter in this way:

“At the end of the day, he drove me back to the bus station. The snow was falling harder. He wrote his phone number, his home phone number, on a scrap of paper. And he said, “If the bus can’t get through, call me. Spend the night at my home, with my family.”

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The Grimm Truth About Your Favorite Fairytales

March 22, 2014

Fairytales—at least as we know them—are a childhood staple. We know the classics by heart, but our beloved Disney-diluted iterations couldn’t be further from their true, markedly more sinister origins. The Brothers Grimm, a pair of German siblings who created some of the original tales in the 19th century, didn’t shy away from any gory details. In fact, not many of the original authors of our favorite fairytales did.

Fairytales: Cinderella

Fairytales Disney Cinderella

Source: Family Spot

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20 Bizarre (And Offensive) Vintage Ads

March 21, 2014

While many ad campaigns of days past may have been ill-conceived and oddly executed, they still manage to capture our current attentions with their wacky (though often misogynistic) imagery. These advertisements make apparent how far we’ve come in regard to scientific discovery and gender equality, and yet serve as a stark reminder of the thinking that has helped shape our culture for centuries.

These ads may have seemed like fabulous designs at the time, but the ones below clearly show us that some ideas –and products- should rightfully stay in the past. Whether you file these under hilarious, creepy, or just plain, old-fashioned bad ideas, here are 20 bizarre items from the world of questionable ad choices:

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Vintage Ads Cellophane Baby

Source: Daily Mail

Motorola Ad

Source: Blogspot

Bizarre Vintage Ads Pig

Source: Bored Panda

Baby Razor

Source: Bored Panda

Kill A Woman

Source: Bored Panda

Vintage Ads Carrington

Source: Buzzfeed

Cocaine Drops

Source: Xaxor

Bizarre Vintage Ads Daisy Gun

Source: Offbeat Earth


Source: Xaxor

Bizarre Vintage Ads Jolting Chair

Source: Zion's Trumpet

Bizarre Vintage Ads Pain Cure

Source: Blogspot

Bizarre Ads Sunnybrook

Source: Buzzfeed

Bizarre Vintage Ads Violet Rayas

Source: Blogspot