The Crazy And Charming Theory Of Love In Plato’s “Symposium”

Plato Symposium

A symposium scene on a 5th century BCE Greek cup currently housed in the State Antiquities Collection in Munich, Germany. Source: Wikimedia

Written 2,400 years ago, Plato’s philosophical novella, Symposium, includes one of the weirdest – and most charming – explanations of why people fall in love ever invented. Plato gives this trippy exegesis to the playwright Aristophanes, who appears as a character in the book.

Before turning to Aristophanes’s odd speech, let’s set the stage. First, we’re at a dinner party. Wealthy Athenian men have gathered, as they often did, to drink wine, eat, philosophize, and carouse with women, younger men, or each other. On this (fictional) occasion, the guests are all playwrights and philosophers and they include Plato’s idol Socrates. As the night progresses, the conversation turns to the meaning of love.

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Grand Central Station During World War Two

Grand Central WW2

So integral to New York’s cultural landscape and physical infrastructure, if the Nazis had their way during the War Grand Central Station would not be standing today. Throughout World War II millions of servicemen would pass through the hub on their way to and from the war front, which made it a prime target for bombing. In fact, in 1942 four German spies had plans to destroy Grand Central Station but were quickly apprehended.

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99 Fun Facts That Are Perfect For Trivia Night

From history to science to the hilariously bizarre past profession of Danny Devito, enjoy these fun facts that will have you destroying your trivia competition in no time:

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Abraham Lincoln’s Brief Life As Explained By Photos

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, which means photography was developed in his lifetime. Like anything that comes into the world while you’re a young adult, men of Lincoln’s generation found photography very exciting and often commemorated important milestones by sitting for a portrait. Lincoln, who was a prominent lawyer in Illinois before becoming an even more prominent politician, sat for more than his share of pictures.

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