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What Love Looked Like During The Vietnam War

Vietnam War Love Letter

When you’re plucked from home and dropped into a hostile environment for reasons hard to truly understand, not even the smell of paper is taken for granted. Seen here is PFC Richie, sniffing a perfumed letter sent to him in 1966 from his girlfriend in Jay, Oklahoma.

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20 Surprising Photos Of The Time Fidel Castro Visited New York

Fidel Castro Ice Cream

Castro eats ice cream with his entourage. Source: Mashable

On the heels of a new era of US-Cuba relations ushered in by Barack Obama, Raúl Castro and Pope Francis this past December, we look back to the brief moment in time when Fidel Castro’s post-Cuban Revolution trip to the United States resembled more of a rock star’s eleven-day tour than what some labeled a political charm offensive.

Four months after overthrowing Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, Castro accepted an invitation from the American Society of Newspaper Editors and was in New York – among other destinations- signing autographs, kissing ladies, and eating hot dogs and ice cream at the Bronx Zoo.

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