Villa Epecuen, A Real-Life Underwater City

June 10, 2013

Villa Epecuen Photoraph

While many have excited themselves over a recent scientific discovery of what appears to be a millions-of-years old Brazilian Atlantis, relatively few seem to have reveled in the astonishing re-emergence of a previously sunken city within the same continent.

Just a couple hours south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Villa Epecuen was once a thriving resort community nestled near the therapeutic salt lake of Lago Epecuen. Boasting many fine amenities, one of which included a railroad station (a relatively novel installation for such a small town), Villa Epecuen’s population swelled to a cozy 5,000+ during the 1970s. So too, however, did the waters during a particularly rainy season in 1985. As an unfortunate result, the salty waters tore through the picturesque village and by 1993, the entire community could be accessed not via train but rather flippers.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the town’s 33-foot deep liquid canopy receded and revealed what resembles a set from the latest George A Romero film.

Real-Life Underwater City

Real-Life Underwater City Villa Epecuen

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One Teen’s View Of Anarchist Barcelona During The Spanish Civil War

June 7, 2013

Marina Ginèsta Spanish Civil War

In this photo, 17-year-old Marina Ginèsta (of the Juventudes communists or communist youth) presents a vision of Barcelona that’s as uncertain as its politics. In that year, 1937, the Mediterranean city would be embroiled in violence, blood and despair known as May Days, or the times in which factions of the Republican side of the war clashed with one another.

What We Love This Week, Volume XVI

June 7, 2013

An Insider’s Look At The X Games Barcelona

A couple weeks ago, the X Games swept through the Spanish city of Barcelona. And in its wake, those of us unable to attend the extreme sports festivities are left with some absolutely incredible photographic coverage of it. Head over to The Roosevelts for more high-quality and even higher octane images of the athletes who would make Isaac Newton have a field day.

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Mapping The Center Of The United States

June 5, 2013

Mean Center Of Population United States 1790-2010

While the United States has experienced a rightward shift in politics in the past few decades, in terms of population the US has been drifting left since its start.

Neil Armstrong’s Heart Rate During The Apollo 11 Mission

June 4, 2013
Neil Armstrong Heart Rate During Apollo 11

Source: NASA

The eagle may have landed, but not without some incredible heart palpitations. As evidenced from the ECG above, Neil Armstrong felt his “small step” with his feet as much as he did with his heart.

Rosa Parks Police Report

June 2, 2013

Rosa Parks Police Report

Just goes to show that one’s heroism abroad doesn’t necessarily translate at home. While James F. Blake, the bus driver who filed the complaint against Rosa Parks, served in World War II and fought for the lives and dignity of millions of individuals unjustly persecuted by those with power he couldn’t seem to do the same on his own soil.

Strangely enough, when Blake commented on the 1955 event some years later, he evoked a quasi-Nazi defense: “I wasn’t trying to do anything to that Parks woman except do my job. She was in violation of the city codes, so what was I supposed to do? That damn bus was full and she wouldn’t move back. I had my orders.”