The Four Strangest Presidential Assassination Attempts

From an attack motivated by an Internet flame war to a bizarre failed plane hijacking, these presidential assassination attempts will make you glad most people are wildly incompetent.

Reagan Assassination Attempt

The aftermath of an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, outside the Hilton hotel in Washington DC. Image Source: Twitter

March 30 marks the anniversary of John Hinckley’s failed 1981 attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan. The incident left the president and press secretary wounded and was a huge embarrassment to actress Jodie Foster, who was the object of Hinckley’s obsession and his declared reason for shooting the president.

Predictably, the attempt sparked a national debate over mental health issues, and Hinckley’s successful insanity defense prompted Congress to tighten up laws regarding its use in court. In a way, it’s funny that Hinckley’s attempt sparked these changes, when there have been so many mentally distressed individuals, before and after him, who thought that killing the president would solve their problems…

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Then And Now: Photo Comparison Reveals Lincoln’s Unbelievable Aging During The Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Before And After Comparison

Left: August 13, 1860, three months before Lincoln was elected president. Right: February 5, 1865, just two months before his assassination. Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons (left); Wikimedia Commons (right).

While next to impossible to determine the greatest, worst, or even most impactful U.S. president, it is somewhat easier to decide on the one who held everything together despite seemingly insurmountable odds: Abraham Lincoln.

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11 Things You Didn’t know About Vincent Van Gogh

Born March 30th, 1853, Vincent van Gogh would go on to become one of the most legendary figures in all of art history. But there are still many things most people don’t know about the troubled painter.

Van Gogh Self Portrait

A self-portrait of Van Gogh. Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Vincent Van Gogh sadly did not live long enough to see the extent of his legacy. Only 37 years old when he died, the Impressionist painter lived a brief life, marred by madness — and one which we know a lot about, thanks to the frequency with which he penned letters to his family and few friends. That said, there are still some interesting facets of van Gogh’s life that are not such common knowledge…

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The Five Strangest Riots In History

From brawling over stolen corpses to rioting over a pile of exploding disco records, history’s five strangest riots prove that some people can always be relied upon to form an angry mob.

Historical Strange Riots Hockey

A Vancouver Canucks fan takes part in a riot after the team’s 2011 Stanley Cup Championship loss. Photo by David Elop. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Both mobs and mob mentality have been around for as long as “society” has existed. The first recorded riot occurred in 44 BC, after the assassination of Julius Caesar, but you can be certain that they were already a well-established part of human life by that point.

While violence is never a laughing matter, the motives behind some riots are just plain bizarre. Ever heard the expression, “People have rioted over less?” Here are five riots that make you realize it’s completely true…

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