Abraham Lincoln’s Brief Life As Explained By Photos

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, which means photography was developed in his lifetime. Like anything that comes into the world while you’re a young adult, men of Lincoln’s generation found photography very exciting and often commemorated important milestones by sitting for a portrait. Lincoln, who was a prominent lawyer in Illinois before becoming an even more prominent politician, sat for more than his share of pictures.

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The Four Horsemen Make An Appearance During The Apocalyptic 1973 Oil Crisis

Oil Crisis In Amsterdam 1973

The 1973 oil crisis brought with it many apocalyptic fears in the West, perhaps no better illustrated than by these “four horsemen” striding through the streets of Amsterdam. While fashionably festooned, these riders weren’t necessarily trying to make a statement. Due to the oil shortage and soaring prices (OAPEC’s oil embargo quadrupled the price of oil barrels), they were complying with some sort of driving ban.

10 Insane Rulers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you think about holding a position of power, being insane is almost a job requirement. Few of us would thrive under such circumstances, and most would be incompetent at best. But as history tells us, incompetence is not actually the worst character trait one can have.


Insane Rulers Elagabalus

Source: History

Guys like Nero and Caligula usually are the first to come to mind when we think about despotic, decadent and downright crazy Roman emperors. But Elagabalus might have them beat. He took to the throne as a sexually-confused 14-year old and quickly realized that this allowed him to engage in all the perversities he could think of. He regularly enjoyed having sex with countless strangers, both men and women, which he usually did by disguising himself as a whore and going to brothels.

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Alice Clement: The Female Sherlock Holmes

Turn of the century reporters summed Alice Clement up as “furs, heels and jujitsu.” Appointed on August 5th, 1913, Clement was the only woman in the class of almost 100 new police detectives and would remain so for many years after.

Clement’s appearance was often the focus of the day’s newspapers, and it may not have been entirely because she was female. The 5’3’’ detective would routinely bust onto a Chicago crime scene in beautiful gowns and an attractive bobbed haircut en vogue in the early 1920s–all while brandishing a tommy gun. If Clement’s choice of livery didn’t announce her presence, her larger-than life personality certainly did. Clemtn’s trademark command, which has become something of a crime-drama standard these days, often announced her presence before her glittering jewels: “Back! Line up! Right against that wall!”

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