Better Know A Despot: Ivan The Terrible

Ivan The Terrible Gallery

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When you spend your formative years locked in closets, work your way through eight wives as an adult, and go down in history as [Your Name] the Terrible, it’s fair to say you’ve had quite a run. Ivan IV ruled from Moscow between 1547 and his death in 1584, and he can be thought of as the George Washington of Russia; if, instead of chopping down a cherry tree, George Washington had killed his own son by hurling him against a wall in one of his trademark psychotic rages.

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19 Things You Should Know About Amelia Earhart

Earhart Famous Pilot

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Nearly 80 years ago, Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the globe with fatal results. Before that, though, she captured the world’s attention by breaking a score of records, expanding popular conceptions of womanhood and writing best-selling books, among a host of other things.

Newly discovered footage of Earhart was recently unearthed, depicting the pilot a few months before her last flight in 1937. The video appears to be shot at Burbank Airport, and features the pilot walking around her Lockheed Electra L-10E. The son of John Bresnik, one of Earhart’s photographers, found the film after going through his deceased father’s belongings. While this discovery will likely prompt another investigation into the exact cause of Earhart’s death, we’re more interested in her life.

Check out these surprisings facts about Amelia Earhart–we guarantee they’ll blow your mind.

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History’s Worst Kings: Charles The Mad

King Charles VI Gallery

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Unlike republics, which theoretically run by popular consent, absolute monarchies are sanctioned by God, and you don’t get a vote. Since God never makes mistakes, that means monarchies usually don’t have a mechanism for removing bad kings the way republics do for bad presidents. This holds true even when the king is shithouse-rat crazy, starts a civil war in the middle of another war, and regularly hides in cupboards because he believes his body is made out of glass and he’ll break if anybody touches him. Permit us to introduce you to Charles VI of France.

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10 Of The World’s Most Fascinating Unsolved Problems

Besides the ubiquitous “If a tree falls in the forest” logic problem, innumerable mysteries continue to vex the minds of practitioners across all disciplines of modern science and humanities.

Questions like “Is there a universal definition of ‘word’?”, “Is color in our minds or does it exist physically inherent to objects in the world around us?” and “What is the probability that the sun will rise tomorrow?” continue to plague even the most astute of minds. Pulling from medicine, physics, biology, philosophy and mathematics, here are some of the most fascinating unanswered questions in the world — do you have the answer to any of them?

Why Do Cells Commit Suicide?

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