7 Brilliant Female Aviators Besides Amelia Earhart

Female Aviators Earhart

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Before “Coffee, Tea or Me” there was Amelia Earhart, the headstrong, accomplished pilot who disappeared during a flight around the world in 1937. But Earhart was one of many women who punched society’s expectations in the chops and learned to fly. Some of these women would make the ultimate sacrifice for their passions just as she did, but they’d also inspire countless other flying aces and pave the way for inclusive aviation innovation.

Harriet Quimby

Female Aviators Quimby

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3 Horrifying Acts Of Child Abuse That Used To Be Totally Legal


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Children are a blessing, so says the sage, but you’d never know that by watching the way adults have treated kids for centuries. Because of their small size and lack of development, children are uniquely vulnerable to mistreatment at the hands of the larger, allegedly more sophisticated, grown-ups. In most contexts, this intrinsic helplessness motivates the protective instincts even of adults who aren’t related to the child.

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In The 1920s, Swimsuit Police Actually Existed

Beach Police 1922

And you thought your one piece was conservative. To highlight just how obsessed lawmakers have historically been with controlling the human body and our treatment of it, in 1922 people known as swimsuit policemen actually existed, and would stroll around beaches making sure that swimsuits were never more than six inches above the knee. Featured above is swimsuit officer Bill Norton, who we imagine enjoyed his job very much.

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