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Fun In Thatcher’s England: Newcastle, 1979

Fun In Newcastle 1979

Glenn Murtha and his brother jump from a second-story window in Newcastle, England, 1979. Source: Tish Murtha/AmberSide Collection

Glenn Murtha tells the story of this photo in an interview with The Guardian, extracted below for your reading pleasure:

he derelict houses in our neighbourhood were our playground. We’d jump from the second-floor window on to a pile of mattresses. Sometimes we’d get a bit hurt, but we didn’t have any fear in those days. Mrs Thatcher had just come to power and it was a time of austerity. My dad had his own scrap business, so he got a bit of trouble from the council for having vans and scrap in the yard, but he made a living from it, so they left him alone.

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Satan Once Lived In The White House–And More Surprising Facts About Our Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers' Surprising Beliefs

Source: Wikipedia

We can thank our Founding Fathers for giving us an annual excuse to overindulge win barbecues, beer and fireworks–and for being some real characters:

America’s Founding Fathers were some of most influential–and controversial–people in our history. This historical documentary explores some of the conspiracy theories surrounding our trailblazing founders:

America’s Blooper Reel: The Biggest Blunders In American History

The United States of America isn’t like any other country, and not just because our national anthem is phrased in the form of a question. Unlike China, which has a recorded history going back almost to Homo erectus, America was founded pretty much from scratch (after the Indians were chased away) and July 4, 1776 represented a unique opportunity to start fresh. We flubbed it.

Don’t get us wrong – there’s a lot to like about America. The Bill of Rights, the Interstate Highway system, and aircraft carriers are just the impressive bits we like to show off to make foreigners feel small and weak. That said, we all know that America has done some dirt-stupid things in the last 239 (and counting) years. This Fourth of July, let us celebrate the First Amendment by revisiting some of its dumbest moments.

Independence Might Have Been A Huge Mistake

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Better Know A Pope: Clement V

The story of Pope Clement V really begins with his patron, Philip IV (the Fair) of France. Philip spent the first 20 years of his reign, during the late 13th century, overspending on war with the English and court finery back at home. By the early 1300s, his treasury was in trouble and some solution needed to be found. Pope Boniface VIII even condemned Philip for being reckless with money.

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