A 20-Year-Old Princess Elizabeth

20 Year Old Princess Elizabeth 1946

Taken in 1946, we see a downy-cheeked Princess Elizabeth gazing off into the distance in her Buckingham Palace sitting room. Six years later Elizabeth would become the Head of the Commonwealth and the queen regnant of the independent Commonwealth countries–as well as the first queen whose coronation was televised.

The 1977 New York Blackout: No Lights, No Food, But Lots Of Liquor

New York Blackout 1977

For two days in the middle of July, a black out grabbed New York by its sweaty throat only to aggravate existing economic and social fears. The culprit? An unforgiving combination of lightning strikes and faulty infrastructure. 4,000 people had to be evacuated from the subway system, with all major airports closed for about eight hours. Unsurprisingly, looters found great opportunity in the outage, and over 1,600 stores were damaged by looting and rioting.

A Couple Peers Into East Germany In 1962

Couple Peers Over Berlin Wall

Erected in 1961, the Berlin Wall is just one of many examples of the physical lengths to which people will go to promote or expel an idea. Here, a young woman accompanied by her boyfriend leans over the wall to talk to her mother on the East Berlin side. The wall remained in place for nearly 30 more years, separating many families all the while.

This Photo Helped Convince A President To Cease Fire

Highway Of Death Kuwait 1991

The photo you’re witnessing above may have had a great influence on President George H.W. Bush’s decision to declare a cessation of hostilities during the Persian Gulf War. Composed of six lanes, the “Highway of Death” is a highway straddled between Kuwait and Iraq, and was the site of a number of American and Canadian-led aircraft attacks during the Gulf War. What resulted was the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and the deaths of their occupants. In spite of such a violent use of force (journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that US forces fired on disarmed, previously surrendered Iraqis), the February strikes were not that effective: upwards of 70 to 80,000 troops are estimated to have fled Kuwait and evaded capture.

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