Better Know A Saint: Philip Neri

Saint Philip Flowers

Source: Karmel

Everybody knows that one jerk who’s always bright and chipper and who never has a bad word to say about anybody else. Everything these people do seems calculated to make the ordinary sinners around them look bad, especially since they’re not actually trying to make others look bad. 16th-century Rome was the last place on Earth you’d expect to find one of these people.

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Beauty, Defiance And “Miss Besieged Sarajevo” During The Bosnian War

Miss Besieged Sarajevo 1993

From 1992 to 1996, Serbian and Bosnian Serb forces besieged Bosnia’s capital city, Sarajevo, engaging in the longest and bloodiest siege of a capital city in modern warfare. Lasting three times longer than the Siege of Stalingrad, Serbs and Bosnian Serbs seeking to create a new Bosnian Serb state encircled the city and assaulted it with artillery, tanks and small arms. Nearly 14,000 people were killed during the siege, with nearly 40 percent of those killed civilians.

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Born In Auschwitz: How One Woman Delivered 3,000 Babies During The Holocaust

When Stanislawa Leszczyńska first became a midwife, she never could have imagined that she would one day be whisked away from her home in Poland, where she routinely walked miles to deliver babies, and into the real-life nightmare of Auschwitz. After the murder of her husband in Poland and the forced removal of her son to another work camp, Stanislawa and her daughter entered Auschwitz with only one hope: that they would survive.

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Paris In The 1940s: A Decade Of Devastation And Rebirth

As World War II raged throughout Europe, the “City of Light” transformed into a city of darkness. While the Germans declined to physically destroy the city upon its 1940 occupation, their presence greatly tested the Parisian psyche. Over two million Parisians fled as the Germans arrived, but those who remained in the capital faced interrogations, curfews, rations, shortages and arrests. The German occupation of France (1940-1944) remains a humiliating time in the history of Paris and, more broadly, France.

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