The Girl That Time Forgot

Brooke Greenberg, a 20-year-old Maryland resident, is amazingly the size of a preschooler. Weighing just four-pounds at birth, she suffered from a condition known as anterior hip dislocation, which caused her legs…

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The Seven Craziest Mental Diseases

The human being is a curious creature and its mind is even curiouser. Here is an intriguing look at the seven craziest mental diseases that can plague the mind:


Craziest Mental Diseases Autophagia

Autophagia is a mental disease in which the sufferer is compelled to inflict pain on themselves. The twisted part is that the pain comes in the form of biting and/or devouring portions of their body. The disease may be caused by severe sexual anxiety sometimes combined with schizophrenia or psychosis.

Amputee Identity Disorder

Amputee Identity Disorder

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The Five Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body

From the flesh-eating bacteria to the uncontrollable urge to pull out all of your hair, a fascinating look at the weirdest diseases of the human body:

The Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body: Trichotillomania

Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is an unusual disease often triggered by stress, depression or a defective gene. People who suffer from this disease tend to pull out the hairs from their head, eyelashes, nose and even crotch.

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The Seven Craziest Facts About The Human Body

The Body Can Produce It’s Own Aspirin

Human Body Makes It's Own Aspirin

A report in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that eating fruits and vegetables might actually help the human body make its own aspirin.

The report claims that benzoic acid, a natural substance in fruits and vegetables, can help make an acid found in aspirin: salicylic acid. That acid is the key component for pain relief and anti-inflammation.

Facts About The Human Body: The Body Grows Overnight

Facts About The Human Body Body Grows Sleeping

Humans grow up to half an inch taller as they sleep, as it is a time when excess fluid between our discs replenishes itself and thus stretches our limbs. Conversely, our discs undergo stress and compress themselves throughout the waking hours. The result? The replenished fluid seeps out.

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Ten Completely Bizarre And Unusual Phobias

Bizarre And Unusual Phobias: Nomophobia

The Strange Phobia of Being Away from a Phone

Topping the list for bizarre and unusual phobias is the modern affliction, nomophobia. The phobia is characterized by feelings of anxiety that arise from being out of a phone’s range of service, not having one’s phone charged, having no credit on one’s phone or misplacing it. It is believed that over 50 percent of cell phone users are affected by nomophobia.

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