Net Neutrality Explained In This Perfect Infographic

Net neutrality is a hot topic on everyone’s lips lately, and that’s because it really matters. Imagine an internet where the service providers can block certain websites, then charge you to gain access to them at any time and for any reason. Doesn’t sound so great, does it?


Luckily, the FCC ruled in late February 2015 to classify the internet as a Title II service. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet– Congress and ISPs can still try to strike down the ruling and take legal action against net neutrality. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

December: The Least Miserable Month Of The Year

The Internet has wormed its way into every aspect of our lives. It influences the people we date, the jobs we apply to, and, now, we can even use Google to track the prevalence of mental illnesses like depression.

According to Google search interest compiled into an infographic titled “Misery Index,” December is the happiest (or the least miserable) month of the year. Christmas Day is the happiest day, followed by New Years Day, and then the 4th of July. March is the unhappiest month of the year, followed closely by April and then October. April 23rd is the most miserable day of the year.

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