How Income Can Affect Your SAT Score–And Future

August 24, 2014

Average SAT Scores By Family Income Graph

Unsurprisingly, there is a positive correlation between a family’s income and how well their child does on the SAT. While SAT and related test scores aren’t the sole determinants of an applicant’s admission to a university, the fact that one can predict with a fair degree of accuracy how well (or poorly) a student will do on a standardized test if provided with his or her family’s tax returns is fairly disconcerting in a country that considers itself to be an exemplar when it comes to equal opportunity.

Understand Why Iraq Is So Messed Up In One Straightforward Chart

August 14, 2014

How Iraq Was Formed

The country suffers from a lack of identity and good, transparent government, but it was really colonial powers who sowed the seeds for the disaster that is modern-day Iraq.

Jay-Z’s A Name Dropper: Exploring His Most Referenced Brands By Album

August 10, 2014

Jay Z Most Dropped Brand By Album

Because nothing in the world is more important than analyzing the rocky cliffs that come with any marriage, celebrity or not — perhaps Beyonce is considering dumping Jay because he is too materialistic?

The Most Controversial Wikipedia Articles In One Chart

July 26, 2014

Most Controversial Wikipedia Articles

Want to know more about specific cultures but don’t have the means to travel there for yourself? Use language and the Internet as your guide. See what these language speakers tend to take issue with in this handy chart and you’ve got a good start to your path toward enlightenment.

Aircraft Safety Throughout The Decades

April 17, 2014

Aircraft Safety Chart

In spite of the fact that aircraft accidents, hijackings and bombings are at some of the lowest rates they’ve ever been and have been steadily decreasing over the years (and even as the number of those traveling has largely increased!), airport securitization has increased. Is that effective?

Understanding The Size Of Our Solar System

April 1, 2014