This Stunning Interactive Map Visualizes 800,000 Refugees Entering Europe

Millions have been displaced due to conflicts in the Middle East this year. This interactive map helps visualize it.

Help Europe

A man holds a placard as Syrian and Afghan refugees demand to travel to Germany in September 2015. Image Source: Flickr/AFP

In 2015, unending bloodshed in Syria as well as reignited conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan pushed millions of people to find a new life in a new country. Over the past year, nearly 800,000 refugees and asylum seekers have fled to Europe, hoping to restart in a continent of peace that has maintained relative prosperity even during the recent financial crisis. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of beleaguered men, women, and children has tested the European Union.

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Most Americans Couldn’t Afford An Emergency $500 Expense

Injured Piggy Bank WIth Crutches

Americans have a saving problem when it comes to money, and it’s putting them at risk for financial disaster. Image Source: Flickr

If you unexpectedly received an emergency $500 bill that you had to pay–medical operation, home repair, etc.–would you be able to pay it? A recent survey found that approximately 63 percent of Americans say that they wouldn’t, in fact, be able to deal with an unexpected expense in the $500-1,000 range. And some of us are feeling that pressure more acutely than others.

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Surprise! More People Google “Hangover Cure” On New Year’s Day Than Any Other

Google Search Hangover Cure

Image Source: The Washington Post

Google knows all.

Last year, The Washington Post had the great idea to chart the amount of Google searches for the phrase “hangover cure” for each day of the year. And, sure enough, it turns out that the phrase peaks–by an incredible margin–on January 1st. The article elaborates, “interest in ‘hangover cure’ is nearly 10 times higher than average on New Year’s Day.”

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