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This Big Pharma Spending Infographic Highlights One Of The Major Problems Of US Healthcare

Big Pharma Spending

You’re reading this correctly: the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies–those who are ostensibly paving the way for major health innovations–spend more to sell their products than researching ways to improve upon them. And while it’s true that Americans spend over $300 billion each year on prescription drugs, Big Pharma really pulls out the razzle dazzle for physicians. Incredibly, these drug companies spend around $24 billion a year pumping their products to healthcare professionals, usually making them sweet deals in the process. The next time your doctor recommends you a fancy (and expensive) prescription, it might be a good idea to ask them why.

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Net Neutrality Explained In This Perfect Infographic

Net neutrality is a hot topic on everyone’s lips lately, and that’s because it really matters. Imagine an internet where the service providers can block certain websites, then charge you to gain access to them at any time and for any reason. Doesn’t sound so great, does it?


Luckily, the FCC ruled in late February 2015 to classify the internet as a Title II service. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet– Congress and ISPs can still try to strike down the ruling and take legal action against net neutrality. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

More Americans Hold Passports Than Ever–But That Doesn’t Mean We’re Traveling More

Growth Of Americans With Passports

More Americans hold passports than ever before, but that doesn’t mean we’re traveling more often. A confluence of issues–be it American businesses looking to foreign markets, an increasingly “globalized” world where Americans can be found in more parts of the globe or post-9/11 security initiatives–have contributed to the dramatic rise in passport holders. But today’s American jetsetters fall primarily into the one-percent camp: in fact, if we took out high net worth individuals from the equation (who make multiple trips overseas each year), only around 3.5 percent of all U.S. residents actually traveled overseas in 2009.

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