Japan’s Crazy Harajuku Fashion

April 17, 2014

The Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan is the epicenter of street fashion. Collisions of colors, fabrics and aesthetics culminate in this single square mile, overloading the district with boutiques, clothing chains, and fashion malls all catering to the ever-growing sartorial scene. While Gwen Stefani may have introduced Harajuku to more Western audiences in 2004 (and somewhat contentiously, at that), Harajuku fashion has been a veritable institution for decades.

Black Geisha

Source: Slate

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The Serene Symmetry Of Sapporo, Japan

April 9, 2014

Sapporo City

Sapporo is home to as much history as it is beauty; in 1972, it hosted the Winter Olympics, making it the first Winter Olympics ever held in Asia.

Modern Sword Fighting In Japan

March 31, 2014

Hidden behind the shadows of modern skyscrapers, two men take part in the ancient art of Samurai sword fighting. Despite the evolution of weaponry and technical innovations therein, Japanese sword fighting has maintained much of its original integrity.

A Vending Machine In An Abandoned Fukushima Field

November 27, 2013
Vending Machine Inland Tsunami

Source: The Atlantic

Two and a half years after Japan was dragged through the fatal throes of a tsunami, earthquake and nuclear power plant meltdown, displacement and loss are still sadly common themes among Japanese survivors. Despite the evacuation of over 160,000 citizens, though, enterprise has returned in the form of a dilapidated vending machine.

Important Facts For Sushi Lovers–And Newbies

September 1, 2013

Sushi Facts Infographic

From I Love Coffee comes a wonderful infographic on how to properly enjoy a meal of sushi. Who knew?

The Most Awesomely-Eccentric Japanese Products

May 21, 2013


Ever wanted to know exactly what your cat is saying? With Meowlingual, the mystery behind your cat’s cries is finally gone. This Japanese device promises to translate your cat’s ‘language’ from a series of purrs into phrases such as “I can’t stand it” and over 200 more expressions. The quirky device records your cat while it speaks to you and matches the noise with its closest human translation. And while it’s up to you to determine how much faith you put into these translations, it’ll cost you around $75 to try it out.

Portable Zebra Crossing

Japanese Products Zebra Crossing 1

Source: Blogspot

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