Map Of The Day: Which Nations’ Tragedies We Care About And Which We Don’t

Tragedy World Map

Image Source: Adapted from Cinismo Ilustrado

Let’s be perfectly clear: the attacks in Brussels earlier this week were a tragedy, and every bit of sympathy and goodwill the country has received is deserved. At the same time, tragedies like that one — and others far, far worse — continually go under-acknowledged. And the underlying problem is that there’s a terrible pattern as to why that happens.

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What We Loved This Week, Feb. 28 – Mar. 5

A hovering yacht shaped like a pyramid, vintage maps turned into art, the stunning finalists of two prestigious photo contests, and the surprisingly quotable last words of executed criminals.

Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht

The superyacht can carry six passengers and four crewmembers within its carbon-fibre and stainless steel superstructure. Image Source: inhabitat

The Pyramid-Shaped Yacht That Hovers Above The Ocean

Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht 2

At low speeds, the three hulls on the underside of the craft convey it through the water. When the need for speed arises, the foils kick in to lift the craft up and whisk it away. Image Source: inhabitat

There are few things more likely to turn heads than a luxury yacht, but how to stand out against all the other seafaring behemoths? If this is a problem you currently face, firstly, congratulations, and secondly, take a look at this incredible concept from British designer Jonathan Schwinge. The Tetrahedron Superyacht is lifted above the water thanks to its Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship propulsion, enabling it to travel far faster than the average craft, all while looking truly spectacular.

Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht 3

The three sides of the yacht fold down to create deck areas, while horizontal panels slide out for shade. Image Source: inhabitat

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