An Astonishing Map Of US Economic Activity

US Economic Activity Map

The economic activity New York City conducts in a day is what many other cities see in a year. The country’s biggest economic region and the world’s second largest city economy outside of Tokyo, as of 2010 the city had a gross metropolitan product of $1.28 trillion.

A Divided Ukraine

A Divided Ukraine

The chaotic scene in Ukraine changes on the hour, but thankfully its history does not. Ukraine straddles the border between Europe and Russia, and its geography finds itself deeply embedded and deterministic of cultural identity. The east is predominantly “pro-Russia”, with the west trying to forge closer bonds with the European Union. The Kremlin is deeply invested in maintaining a pro-Russia, Yanukovych presidency, which largely explains its current occupation of Crimea (re: it wants to quell dissent and rebellion while it is still manageable). For more information and photos, check out our spread.

Visualizing The Global Scope Of The Seven Years War

Seven Years War Map

While the conflict technically extended from 1754 to 1763, the Seven Years War (or to some, the French and Indian War, the Pomeranian War, or the Third Carnatic War) saw the most action from 1756 to 1763. Dueling factions–namely the Austro-French and Anglo-Prussian alliances–waged war over colonial territories and trade, and one that would claim the lives of more than one million people by the time major powers ended the bloody feud at the Treaty of Paris. While many Native Americans’ livelihoods and territories were ravaged during the war, they were excluded from the peace settlement.

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