Visualizing The Global Scope Of The Seven Years War

Seven Years War Map

While the conflict technically extended from 1754 to 1763, the Seven Years War (or to some, the French and Indian War, the Pomeranian War, or the Third Carnatic War) saw the most action from 1756 to 1763. Dueling factions–namely the Austro-French and Anglo-Prussian alliances–waged war over colonial territories and trade, and one that would claim the lives of more than one million people by the time major powers ended the bloody feud at the Treaty of Paris. While many Native Americans’ livelihoods and territories were ravaged during the war, they were excluded from the peace settlement.

An Eye-Opening View Of US State Stereotypes Courtesy Of Auto Complete

State AutoComplete Map

With the exception of the “good” state of Oregon and the perennially “important” state of Ohio, it doesn’t appear that many Google users have too high of an opinion on the 50 states of the union.

There is some truth to the stereotypes, though. The most recent Census Bureau report features some harrowing statistics on poverty rates in the American South. 10 of the 12 poorest states are southern. And while approximately 15% of Americans live in poverty (when a family’s income is less than its threshold), in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas, the figure ranges from 18 to 23%.

The World According To The Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Map Of World 1803

For lacking sophisticated cartography instruments, the Ottomans didn’t do too bad of a job in sketching their understanding of the world. Some fun trivia: in this map, India translates as “Hindustan”, and while Antarctica is not present, the phrase “Southern Frozen Surrounding Sea” is included toward the map’s bottom.

Mapping Europe’s Unemployment

Unemployment Map Europe

Greece, Spain, Italy. All are dream travel destinations, all are relatively hellish dead ends for its denizens. This past year, Spain and Greece’s unemployment rates soared to over 25 percent.

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