The Heroin Vaccine That Could Save ‘Quadrillions’ On Healthcare Costs

heroin vaccine kim janda

Kim Janda. Source: Robert Benson

You’d think it would be a big deal if a scientist created a vaccine that could do away with addiction. So what if I told you that we already had one?

Kim Janda has a vaccine for heroin addiction. And for meth. And for cocaine, too. Janda, an American chemist and the Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Chaired Professor at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, gets calls and emails all the time from addicts, and people who know addicts, and who want more information about getting involved with clinical trials.

The problem? There haven’t been any clinical trials. And there won’t be any for the foreseeable future, either.

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A Spatula Can Go THERE? The 20 Weirdest X-Rays Known To Humankind

X-ray technology has without a doubt prolonged and saved countless human lives. But for those of us with a little more misanthropy coursing through our veins, x-rays also provide us with visions of painful human injuries, some of which are so off-the-wall crazy that they will leave you scratching your head and wondering just what kind of idiot would ever find herself in the position where a spatula would be lodged in her throat. Here are some of the weirder x-rays that have been uncovered from around the world. From what information is available, all of these people survived.

weirdest x-rays spatula

A Chinese woman was cooking in her kitchen, when she suddenly found herself unable to breathe. It wasn’t because she had a spatula crammed down her throat–yet. She’d do that herself in a panic when she couldn’t clear her airway by any conventional means. The woman’s four year old daughter managed to get her help; doctors removed the spatula but failed to find the source of her original breathing problem. Image: Rex Features.

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California’s Vaccination Bill: Why Vaccines Must Be Universal

Vaccine Law Brown

California governor Jerry Brown signed SB 277 into law on June 30, 2015, which requires that children be vaccinated before entering schools. Source: ABC

On June 30, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring that all children in the state be vaccinated prior to attending school. Brown’s move has again raised the hackles of religious groups and anti-vaxxers, so we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the issue and answer some of the most commonly heard objections to this rare outbreak of functioning state government.

Most of the SB 277 controversy stems from the fact that the bill closes religious exemptions from getting vaccines, and forces people to have chemicals injected into their children’s bodies. Put that way, it’s no wonder the law has inspired such over-the-top rhetoric. Take Jim Carrey, for example:

Vaccine Law Tweet

Source: Twitter

Pretty serious stuff. Usually, we put child-poisoners in prison, and fascism is the political movement that tried to take over the world awhile back. Is it possible he’s just lost his mind? If he’s nuts, he’s not alone–at least 3,000 people agree.

Here are some of the more common complaints, presented as fairly as possible, with explanations of why they’re simply wrong.

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