Your World This Week, Apr. 3 – 9

This week in health: An incredible HIV cure breakthrough, appalling results about worldwide obesity, why LSD might not be that bad for you, and how investing in women’s health can yield economic, societal and humanitarian benefits.

Study Finds There Are More Obese People Than Underweight People Worldwide

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Seven Dangerous Medications The FDA Should Never Have Approved

These seven shocking FDA mistakes include dangerous prescription drugs that cost thousands upon thousands of lives.

Fda Mistakes

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It is the job of our good friends at the US Food and Drug Administration to give the OK — or not — on what we put into our bodies. Unfortunately, their decision-making process has proven to be not as much of an exact science it should be. In fact, the FDA has made some pretty huge blunders that have ended in irreparable damage and even death. Here are just a few disastrous FDA mistakes that unleashed harmful drugs into the market.

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60 U.S. Penis Transplants Set To Happen Soon

Penis Transplant

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Sixty wounded veterans are in line for the first round of an experimental penis transplant procedure at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore. The operations haven’t yet been scheduled, but they are already stirring up both medical and ethical debates.

The number of people dying in war has been decreasing since World War II. Part of that is due to a drop in the number of international wars, as well as advances in medicine that allow people to survive injuries that would have been fatal in the past.

While people are surviving more grave injuries, however, they are still losing parts of their body that have been damaged in those once-fatal injuries — including the penis.

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The Tragic Heroism Of Gisella Perl, “The Angel of Auschwitz”

Forced to work for the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, Gisella Perl risked all to save as many lives as she could. This is her incredible, heartbreaking story.

Gisella Perl

Gisella Perl with a baby. Image Source: Wikipedia

We have previously shared the story of Stanislawa Leszczyńska, a midwife at Auschwitz who delivered almost 3,000 babies while imprisoned in the concentration camp.

But while Stanislawa delivered infants, another Jewish medical professional risked her life to save the lives of other women in Auschwitz: a gynecologist named Dr. Gisella Perl. Under the watchful, evil eye of Dr. Josef Mengele, Perl realized that in order to save the lives of the women in her care, she could not safely deliver babies like Stanislawa. Instead, Perl performed abortions.

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