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Huangshan, China’s Loveliest Mountain

Mount Huangshan China

This 100-million year old mountain range’s heights are just as impressive as its literary heritage. For years, the majestic mountain’s granite peaks have served as a muse to poets, painters and writers alike. In 1990, UNESCO also caught on and deemed the range a World Heritage Site.

Traversing Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga Norway

This guy is taking a much-needed breather. To snap a shot like this, you’ve got to survive a nine-hour trek ascending 900 meters into the Norwegian sky.

Mont Aiguille, The Birthplace Of Mountaineering

Mont Aiguille France

1492 proved a seminal year for exploration both upward and outward. As Christopher Columbus so famously sailed the ocean blue, France’s Mont Aiguille had been discovered for climbing. From then on, the French Pre-Alp plateau was considered the birthplace of mountaineering.

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