These Awesome Experimental Videos Expand Our Understanding Of Beauty

Since its inception, television has been a means to reflect a given society’s values as well as shape them. Over time, music videos, TV series and films have helped create an essential feminine beauty that’s based more on mythology than reality, and one that can have harmful effects on a woman’s sense of self-worth. Performance artist Kitty Von-Sometime (yes, that’s actually her name) is tired of it, and is using music videos to challenge the very myths that are spread through them.

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“A Chaos Of Feeling”: Screaming Fan Girls Past And Present

fan girls history

A girl caught up in the moment at a 1960s Beatles show.

Teen and pre-teen girls have caught a lot of flack for their dogged adoration of pop stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction. And in some cases, rightly so: on several occasions, Bieber fans–popularly coined as “Beliebers”–have actually issued death threats to people (often women) who get too close to their carefully-coiffed obsession.

Fan Girls History

Justin Bieber fans at a concert in Cape Town, South Africa. Source: Fortress of Solitude

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After A Devastating Bomb In Baghdad, A Man Plays Music

After A Bomb In Baghdad

Source: 7 Days

Music has historically provided itself as a form of resistance. By creating beauty in a world that could easily be dismissed as cruel and brutish, or employing rhythm and melody to articulate truths that resist translation to speech, music makes life bearable. It reminds us that in life there can be and is something bigger than death and taxes–or in Karim Wasfi’s case, bombs.

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Meet The Malian Musicians Fighting Violent Islamists Through Music

Music’s relationship with individuality and civil dissent is well documented, which is precisely why authoritarian regimes tend to censor music and musicians upon assuming power. This is precisely what happened in Mali.

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