The Story Of Ishi, The Last Native American

February 10, 2013

On August 29th 1911, Ishi, the last of the Yahi, walked out of the Sierra wilderness and into American culture. Estimated to have been born around 1860-1862, Ishi’s life was marred by fighting and massacre. As the last of his people, a tribe thought to be extinct, Ishi provided a vital link to cultural information about North America’s Native American history.

Born at the decline of the Yahi population, at a time when gold mining had damaged water supplies, decimated fishing and scared away deer, Ishi survived the Three Knolls Massacre, an attack that reduced the Yahi people to approximately sixty. To avoid further clashes, Ishi and his family went into hiding for the next forty years, avoiding the world being built by the new settlers of the California Gold Rush.

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The Meeting Of Sitting Bull And Buffalo Bill

May 22, 2012

Sitting Bull And Buffalo Bill

Four years after the tribal leader surrendered to the United States, Sitting Bull posed with Buffalo Bill for this iconic 1885 photo. For a time, Sitting Bull even toured with Bill’s Wild West Show.

Native American Photos Re-imagined In Color

July 12, 2010

Indian with child photograph black and white

Indian with child

Wendelin, a German artist, has re-imagined and reinvented black and white photographs of Native Americans into color with the aid of technology. More photographs and paintings below:

Indian Chief With Horse

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