Gorillas In The Crossfire At Africa’s Oldest National Park

For more on the battle for Virunga National Park, visit National Geographic.

Virguna National Park Gorillas

Photograph by Brent Stirton, © Brent Stirton / National GeographicA silverback from the 22-member Mapuwa family emerges from the jungle to keep an eye on a ranger patrol. Virunga National Park has largely succeeded in protecting mountain gorillas, its top tourist draw, from violence. Their population is now growing.

TWO GROUPS OF MOUNTAIN GORILLAS WERE SLAUGHTERED in the summer of 2007, one after the other.

First, two females were shot, with one’s infant left alive and later found still clinging to its dead mother’s breast. Then came the killing of three females and a silverback, shot, burned, and, in a strange move for poachers, left otherwise intact, no trophies or meat taken for sale on the black market.

Then again, these men almost certainly weren’t poachers.

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Inside The Remote Alaskan Town Almost All Under One Roof

How do the residents of Whittier, Alaska live and — perhaps more intriguingly — why do they choose to live this way?

Whittier, Alaska

Wikimedia Commons Whittier, Alaska.

If you have to go to the grocery store, the post office, the laundromat, or even the hospital or the police station, chances are that any one of those trips will involve a car, train, bus or bike ride.

But if you’re a resident of Whittier, Alaska, not just one of those trips, but all of them can be done in a very short walk that doesn’t even take you outdoors.

That’s because this peculiar town on Alaska’s southern coast is so remote and so constantly battered by inclement weather that almost the entire city — its residences, business, and public services — exists under one roof.

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Angry Elephant Charges Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jeep [VIDEO]

Former California governor, actor, and infamous muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently on a South African safari when an elephant charged his jeep — and his camera was rolling.

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