Jasper National Park Is The Most Beautiful Place In Canada

Patricia Lake, Canada

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There are few places in the world more beautiful than Jasper National Park. Located in the southeastern part of Canada, the Alberta park remains one of the country’s oldest and largest national parks. Home to Mt. Columbia, Alberta’s highest mountain, and the last fully protected herd of caribou in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park lets visitors step into a diverse, lively landscape where nature reigns.

Jasper National Park Beautiful

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The Coolest National Parks In The United States

While today’s Republican Party may not be known for its environmental conservation efforts, the national park system was actually established under Republican President Ulysses S. Grant. The program would later be expanded under conservationist, hunter, Bigfoot storyteller and Republican President Teddy Roosevelt. It literally takes an Act of Congress to create a national park, and criteria for selection includes natural beauty, unusual ecosystems and unique geological features. There are 59 parks in the United States, but the ten featured here provide some rare experiences. From swimming in volcanic calderas to watching 900-pound bears catch salmon, these natural locations are sure to amaze.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Coolest National Parks Tortugas

Source: Wikimedia

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20 Dramatic Weather Photos That Make You Wonder Why We Use It For Small Talk

Weather is so much a part of our lives that we usually take it for granted. Talking about the weather is the textbook example of meaningless small talk, something we do when discussing substantive issues would make everybody feel awkward and uncomfortable. In general, weather is a nice, safe topic that doesn’t get anybody all worked up or end with people slamming doors and calling each other misogynists.

Some weather, however, is so dramatic that it demands to be the center of attention. Talking about the tornado that just destroyed your house, for example, isn’t the kind of chatter one uses to break the ice at parties, though it would probably do the trick. Here are 20 of Earth’s most dramatic weather formations that you can talk about at your next cocktail party, if those are still a thing people do.

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Dramatic Weather Lightning Alps

Some people live the kind of lives that let them see stuff like this all the time. You do not live one of those lives. Source: My Birdie

Dramatic Weather Alps


Dramatic Weather Lenticular Antarctica

These are lenticular clouds clinging to Mt. Erebus in Antarctica. Lenticular clouds are believed by sane people to explain many UFO sightings. Other sightings are probably aliens, though. Source:

Dramatic Weather Lenticular Arizona

Source: Wikipedia

Dramatic Weather Lenticular UFO

Source: Blogspot

Dramatic Weather Beach Haboob

Have you ever been standing on the beach and suddenly been hit by a second, much larger beach that's roaring sideways as fast as a car on the freeway? This is a haboob, which is a hilariously named horizontal sandstorm that can arrive suddenly in arid areas. Source: All Hip Hop

Dramatic Weather Ocean Haboob

Source: Daily Mail

Dramatic Weather Lightning Manchester

Okay, let's start slow with the lightning. Here it is, touching ground behind a small house in Manchester. Source: Manchester Evening News

Dramatic Weather Lightning Barcroft

Here it is, hitting Barcroft with quite a bit more enthusiasm. Source: The Mirror

Dramatic Weather Lightning Liberty

Take that, New Jersey! Source: BBC

Dramatic Weather Lightning Volcano

Do you suppose the ancient Romans ever wrote erotic fan fiction about Jupiter getting down with Vulcan and having the angriest sex ever? This is what they had in mind. Source: ABC

Dramatic Weather Volcano Iran

Source: Hotcloob

Dramatic Weather Lightning Dianetics

Okay, you can believe in Thor, or you can be a Scientologist. Not both. Source: Blogspot

Dramatic Weather Round Cloud

This is just the kind of thing you have to get used to if you live in Kansas. Source: End Time Upgrade

Dramatic Weather Tornado House

If you lived here, you'd be calling your insurance carrier now. Source: Blogspot

Dramatic Weather Fire Tornado

This is a fire tornado moving over water. Immediately after this picture was taken, a group of Israelites drowned after following it into the river. Source: Cat In Water

Dramatic Weather Tornado Lightning

The good news is that the tornado spared your house. The bad news is that it burned down after being struck by lightning. Source: WVUA TV

Dramatic Weather Rainbow Lake

Always go out on a high note. Source: Photo Furl

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